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6 Critical Functions the Background Screening Industry Serves

  1. Protecting the rights of consumers.  It’s important to make sure consumer’s rights are protected by performing background checks on all employees.
  2. Helping employers comply with hiring standards set by state and federal law.  There are many laws and restrictions regarding hiring that employers must follow.  Being in compliance with state and federal laws is necessary to avoid lawsuits.
  3. Helping public and private employers avoid legal exposure for negligent hiring.  A company can be sued if an employee injures or harms another employee, especially if the company did not do a thorough check of the new employee before hiring.
  4. Helping ensure a safe workplace and avoid the nightmares associated with workplace violence, theft, hiring based upon fraudulent credentials, or hiring terrorists.  With theft and violent incidents increasing, it’s essential for employers to establish effective risk prevention measures.
  5. Playing a critical part in the homeland security effort and working on behalf of the American economy.  It’s important to aid in the protection of employees and customers against threats and provide a safe working environment.
  6. Helping improve both the profitability and productivity of American business by helping employers make better hiring decisions, and lowering the high cost of turnover.  A bad hire can be avoided by taking necessary steps.  If an applicant is unfit for employment, a background check is likely to disclose this.

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International Services

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