State of Texas Sues Over EEOC Guidelines On Hiring Felons/
Do You Re-Check Your Employees?

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State of Texas Sues Over EEOC Guidelines On Hiring Felons

A lawsuit was filed by Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission opposing its hiring guidelines.  He says the EEOC’s guidelines limit employers from excluding convicted felons from employment.  Abbott argues Texas law allows certain state agencies to prohibit the hiring of convicted felons to ensure that they do not hold positions of public trust and those agencies run criminal background checks to ensure that.
He said the Obama Administration overreached its legal authority by "trying to impose hiring rules on states that violate state sovereignty and – in this instance – endanger public safety.”

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Do You Re-Check Your Employees?

Do you re-Check the criminal background of your employees that you have hired annually, or bi-annually?  It may be something that would be worthwhile for your company to do.  If you do this already – True Hire has a feature that we can notify you annually of who we processed background checks on, and we can easily send you a listing, you can let us know which people are still employed, and we can easily re-run the criminal background check, a driving record report, etc. you.  Should this be something your organization would like to implement, please give True Hire a call and we would be happy to help set this process up for you!


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