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Its been a busy month here at True Hire. In August, we attended the INSHRM conference in Indianapolis where we raffled off two tickets to an Infinity NASCAR race, which went to Charles Bates, and a $50 Starbucks gift card that was won by Kaitlin Odom. Then in September, we went to the Ohio HR Conference at Kalahari Resort where we played “really big Jenga”.

Both conferences were great experiences- we met a lot of people, and enjoyed taking part in all the human resource information being shared and discussed- both brand new and tried and true. There is always more to know, and always something that we can bring to the table for other people to learn. We look forward to the next one, and will keep you posted about where and how you can get involved in future conferences.

Until then, you can always find us here, or call us at 800.262.7301. Or, if you'd like to jump in with our guide to the FCRA, you can get it here.

Thank you to all of our customers who stopped by our booth 
and for all of the new faces we were able to meet.



The hiring process can be a time consuming, aggravating process. There are many different reasons for this, and at all stages of the process. And in none of those stages is the potential for a seemingly endless cycle of hassle more prominent than in reference checking. Weeks of playing phone tag, leaving messages with receptionists, and unanswered emails can often precede the discovery of a lack-luster reference or a company policy to respond with nothing more than a confirmation of employment dates. It's understandable that even the most motivated of HR personnel can get discouraged.

That's why at True Hire, we have trained professionals who do this every day. They know the processes, the tricks and the proper etiquette it requires to achieve the best results. We have developed a more persistent, involved system of contacting and following-up with references than most employers have the time to pursue. After all, its our job to ensure every company we serve gets the best candidates available- and this includes checking references. We can easily evaluate, through experience, the strength of a reference, and can readily spot a sketchy one. And, of course, the results of those interviews contribute to our overall assessment of your candidates.

True Hire can very cost-effectively take over your reference verification program. Contact us today to ask about this service, or add it to your current plan.

Call us at 800.262.7301 or logon to our website,, to get started!


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