In this Issue: FCRA Compliant Pre-Adverse and Adverse Notification. New Invoice Format Takes Effect.

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Why Perform Both National Criminal Database Searches and County Court Searches?
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Falsified Paystubs & Past Employment Verification

The business of furnishing false paystubs as proof of past employment is big business these days, and the number of internet outlets where the unscrupulous can obtain this them is in the hundreds, and unlikely to be shut down any time soon.

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True Hire Past Employment Verification

We here at True Hire are aware of these kinds of pitfalls in the hiring process, and are properly equipped to seek out and expose fraudulent documents of all kinds. With our past employment verification feature, applicants' work histories will be checked from several angles to verify the accuracy of their information, uncover lies, omissions and exaggerations. Prior job performance information is provided.


The "Other" Background Checks


When it comes to background checks, there is always a lot to consider. The first part of this is compliance- with the litigiousness of the EEOC and the seeming endless FCRA violations in the modern day, there is almost no amount of compliance consideration that could be considered excessive. What should you check for? What should you not check for? What is a sensible level of expectation for applicants of each position? What is a good reason to deny a particular applicant for a particular position? What is the proper procedure for denying employment based upon the results of a background check? These are the much more common things to think about when developing your screening policy.

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The Thing About Federal Background Checks

Recent reports of major flaws and failures in the state background check processes of Ohio and Washington in the news is bad enough. Reports now of major flaws in the federal background screening process (responsible for screening all kinds of applicants, up to and including Secret Service agents) are worse.

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