In This Issue: Keeping USA Secrets, Sentence in Texas Teen’s Fatal DWI Wreck Sparks Outrage.

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Keeping USA Secrets

In 2010, Bradley Manning disclosed an estimated 700,000 classified documents.  In June of this year, Edward Snowden escaped from the United States with a mass of secret material.  Manning was in the U.S. Army with the second lowest rank and Snowden worked for a consulting firm, not the government. So why were these two men selected to serve as guardians of the American Government of secrets?  The answer is that the body of information classified by the U.S. government is so vast that a huge army of operatives must access this secretive information on order to do their jobs every day.
According to the annual report of the U.S Director of National Intelligence, more than four million people hold a security clearance that enables them to view classified information (The Background Investigator).


Sentence in Texas Teen’s Fatal DWI Wreck Sparks Outrage

A 16-year-old was given 10 years of probation for a drunken car accident that killed 4 people citing “affluenza”.  The term “affluenza” is used to describe a condition in which children, generally from richer families, have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible and make excuses for poor behavior.  This affliction was cited by a psychologist who testified in the juvenile court trial. The teen faced a maximum 20-year prison sentence sought by prosecutors.  The defense attorney said the teenager could have been freed after two years if he had drawn the 20-year sentence.  Instead, the judge “fashioned a sentence that could have him under the thumb of the justice system for the next 10 years.”  The judges’ decision was criticized by many especially by the relatives of those killed.
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