Welcome to the first issue of Bolt from the Blue, a newsletter from Cobalt Communications to our friends, clients and colleagues.
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Welcome to the first issue of Bolt from the Blue, a newsletter from Cobalt Communications to our friends, clients and colleagues. We plan to live up to the name and surprise you with interesting news and information about strategic communications and its practitioners.

Inevitable Change.
We’ve been doing a lot of reading lately — about marketing, business development, prospecting — and we came across some of the writing by Randy Pennington, an expert in organizational change and the author of Make Change Work. In a recent blog post, he discussed three questions that businesses should ask of themselves to ensure that they continue to be vibrant and competitive:

  • What must you embrace to remain relevant?
  • What do you need to discard to create space for the next iteration of your business?
  • How will you maintain a sense of curiosity and wonder about the future?

As an agency dedicated to helping science-minded companies succeed, an agency filled with writers, designers and storytellers, we feel particularly strongly about the third question. Science is driven forward by observing the natural world and asking one of the most fundamental questions — why? We ask this question of ourselves all of the time, and we ask our clients, as well, to uncover the root cause of a particular communications challenge.
Ultimately, Pennington is talking about change. He says, “Change is inevitable for your business just as it is for your life.  The only choice is how you change. You can be proactive to remain relevant, or you can live in the glory days of the past assuming everything is just as it was. Even doing nothing, however, represents a change.”

Cobalt. Communications.
Cobalt has made the choice to change, and we wanted to share some of those changes with you:

  • First, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website at a new domain: Our previous domain, cobaltwriting, wasn’t fundamentally wrong (we started as a “writing” company and still offer those services), but we wanted our website address to officially match our legal business name and to convey the full breadth and scope of our current offering, which includes design and strategy services.
  • Second, we’re equally pleased to introduce Jack Harris as our new art director. Jack is a talented designer, illustrator and creative thinker who brings 30 years of experience to our team. You can read more about him here and here. And don’t forget to check out some of his award-winning work here and here

Finally, if your business or team is planning its 2017 goals and objectives, don’t forget to run through Pennington’s questions. And throw one more in for good measure: How will you prepare others to come along for the ride? If you need help or want a fresh perspective when answering those questions, give us a call.

The Cobalt website features a new design, a new domain and an updated version of Cobalt-60, our blog.
Cobalt welcomes Jack Harris — designer, illustrator and educator — as our new art director. He leads our creative team.
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