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Newsletter Volume 8, Issue  2
December Noise


For some, this time of year equals more stress. The stress can be because there are more obligations, expectations, and "shoulds".  The messages we receive from our culture about this time of year are ever present.  Even me sending this newsletter and bringing up this subject adds another voice to the December noise. 

How might one think about December?


One thing that I am going to do is notice the obligations, expectations, and "shoulds" that I feel and then perhaps try to eliminate or lessen some of them.  One obligation that I hold is to write this newsletter every month.   I like and want to do this.  It is a way for me to connect with you.  However, given the content of this newsletter, I think it makes sense for me to make this one short.

A Question to You

I'm curious if you feel extra stress this time of year and if you do are there some obligations, expectations or "shoulds" that you might let go of?  If so, I wonder what they are.  I'd love to hear. 

Final Comment

My guess is that even though I wrote less this month nothing problematic will result.  I  encourage  you to use this example and do the same - take away or lessen an obligation, expectation, or "should".  I wonder what will happen.  I know that I feel a little lighter. 

Good Luck,

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