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Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas


Argumentative essay writing is a significant piece of scholastic life. Writing a factious essay causes write my paper to upgrade writing abilities just as insightful and basic reasoning.

A pugnacious essay is composed at various instructive levels, even secondary school understudies will write a contentious essay as a task. Such essays help understudies in figuring out how to write around one point of view of the subject.


A factious essay is a kind of school essay wherein understudies will in general help their case with the assistance of supporting proof. With the assistance of true raw numbers, they mean to persuade the perusers of their perspective. Writing such an essay is exceptionally intriguing if the understudy can gain proficiency with the correct expertise and comprehend the idea of this essay.

There are numerous understudies who can not assemble up the mental fortitude to write a pugnacious essay without help from anyone else. This can occur because of numerous reasons. The fundamental reasons incorporate an absence of expertise and understudies being not able to locate the correct point. This leads the understudy to recruit an online essay writer who can finish their essay writing tasks.


In this article, you will locate some stunning and fascinating points for your contentious write paper for me. You should realize that a decent point makes essay writing simple and furthermore causes a writer to look for the peruser's consideration.



Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is war a crime or an ethical tool?
  2. Do long-distance relationships last for a long time?
  3. Pet must be treated as a member of the family?
  4. Should churches and other religious places be required to pay taxes?
  5. Is hard work equal to sport in terms of benefit to the body?
  6. Is plagiarism becoming more common for students?
  7. Are wild animal hunting farms ethical?
  8. Can talk therapy really make a person with mental illness feel better?
  9. Should organ donorship be mandatory?
  10. Should child adoption be free or paid for?


Funny Argumentative Topic Ideas

  1. No news is always good news. 
  2. If “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” is true, should we smoke?
  3. Why are men always easy to date?
  4. Can we benefit from relationship telepathy in card games?
  5. Are violent video games the cause of the crusades, world wars, and genocides?
  6. Should colleges be made free for the top %1?
  7. Importance of snooze alarms in the social order.
  8. Why global warming only affects other countries and not the United States.
  9. Importance of using smartphones in class.
  10. What your pet is really thinking.


Argumentative Topic Ideas for Middle School

  1. Are snacks healthy in moderation?
  2. How personal accounts are completely protected from hacking?
  3. Does social media limit or enhance creativity?
  4. Should video content owners be responsible for the language used in comments?
  5. Is there an actually good reason for playing sports?
  6. Should religious practices be held in school?
  7. Should golf be really considered as a real sport?
  8. Should sales of tobacco remain illegal to minors?
  9. What are the pros and cons of communism?
  10. What problems did the Panama Canal cause?


Technology Argumentative Topic Ideas

  1. Do computers slow down our evolution?
  2. Should we move everything into the cloud?
  3. Is it ethical to advance warfare technologies?
  4. Should chips that can alter consciousness be used for criminal corrections?
  5. Are relationships held solely by social media real?
  6. Should we limit our social media intake?
  7. Is it ethical to provide organs via cloning?
  8. Should we use the tissues harvested from animals for human treatment?
  9. Is organic food actually better than genetically modified food?
  10. Should a clone have the same rights as an original?


Music Argumentative Topic Ideas

  1. Is it possible to own the entire music genre?
  2. Is music also a part of art?
  3. Did music from ancient eras influence modern music?
  4. Should music be banned due to the language and context of the lyrics?
  5. Which genre of music may help to focus and work better?
  6. Can patriotic songs be used as propaganda against the nation?
  7. Does listening to music make you lazy and sleepy?
  8. Music may not always have a positive use.
  9. How does music identify culture?
  10. Should workplaces allow decent music in the background?


Argumentative Topic Ideas on Philosophy

  1. Does the level of education alter moral values? 
  2. Are good and evil relative entities or absolute?
  3. Is it a moral duty to show care for the environment?
  4. Should the notion of free will be reconsidered?
  5. Can unethical or immoral behavior achieve the common good?
  6. Is it always ethical, to be honest?
  7. Should the personal use of drugs be legal as it is a personal choice?
  8. Is mass surveillance justified?
  9. Are religions ethical and moral for humanity?
  10. Is atheism simply a belief like a religion?


Hopefully, you must have found a good topic for your argumentative essay out of all these topics. In case you are having a hard time deciding which topic you should go for, you may opt for an assignment helpservice. Such services are the best options for students who have many other assignments to catch up on. A good writing service helps to reduce the stress of assignment completion. 

Many of us might think that seeking help from professionals is an act of cheating. As a matter of fact, it is a very practical thing to do especially when you are already going through the stress of your assignments. It is better not to spoil the entire schedule and also end up getting poor grades and simply ask a professional to “write my essay”.


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