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Eye-catching Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay


A compare and contrast essay is written when an essay writing service wants to compare two objects or subjects on the basis of their similarities and differences. 

In simpler words, these essay types explain why two or more subjects are similar or different from each other. In a compare and contrast essay, multiple paragraphs showing similarities and differences in the subjects are written.

Students sometimes find it really hard to write such an essay and hire a free essay writer for this purpose. This happens when students are unable to understand the appropriate way of writing essays. 

Another reason why essay writing is a difficult task for them is that they can not find a suitable topic. It is important for you to know that a good topic is the root of a successful essay. It helps the writer to write freely and attain the maximum attention of the readers. 

In this article, you will find some amazing topics to write a compare and contrast essay. Hopefully, after going through all these topics you will be able to compose a good essay and there will be no need to ask anyone to “write my essay for me”. 


Simple Compare And Contrast Essay Topics 

  1.  Holidays in winter season VS Holidays in the summer season
  2.  The quality of photos VS The beauty of paintings
  3.  Health benefits of fruits and Benefits of vegetables
  4.  Texting friends VS calling them. Which approach is better? 
  5.  Life of an adult VS Life of a child
  6.  Cats and dogs. Which one makes a better pet? 
  7.  Movies and books. What would you prefer? 
  8.  Credit card payment VS payment in cash
  9.  The animal in the zoo VS Animals in the wild
  10.  Twitter and Facebook. 



Education-Based Compare & Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School Students

  1.  Catholicism VS Protestantism
  2.  Capitalist school of thought VS Socialist school of thought.
  3.  The charm of a discoveries VS The excitement of an Invention
  4.  Prose and Poetry
  5.  Fantasy movies and Sci-fi movies
  6.  The time of the Revolution in Russia VS the era of the French Revolution
  7.  Communist China and the Soviet Union
  8.  Women’s suffrage movement and the civil rights movement
  9.  Ideas of Soviet communism and Karl Maxx
  10.  The war going on in Iraq and the war situation of Vietnam


Trending Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

  1. The personality of Tyra Banks and The personality of Oprah Winfrey
  2.  John Lennon and The music genre of Justin Bieber
  3.  Petrarch and The plays of William Shakespeare
  4.  John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
  5.  The ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and The belief of Osama Bin Laden
  6.  Julius Caesar and Edward Snowden
  7.  Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs
  8.  Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler
  9. The tenure of Hillary Clinton and The tenure of Donald Trump
  10.  The voice notes of Miley Cyrus and The voice of Taylor Swift


Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Management

  1. Pestle analysis approach VS consumer behavior analysis approach.
  2. Role of business manager VS Role of an operational manager.
  3. Management issues VS Organizational structure issues.
  4. Management of services in airlines VS Service management in the hotel industry.
  5. Decisions that are taken by the management VS Decisions taken by the employee. 
  6. Management policies VS Privacy policies in an organization.
  7. Managerial issues VS Departmental issues in an educational institute. 
  8. The authority level of a CEO VS The authority level of a Managing Director. 
  9. The role of a textile business manager VS The role of shoe manufacturing business manager.
  10. Duties of a Marketing manager VS Responsibilities of a Human Resource manager


Science Topics For Compare And Contrast Essay

  1. Advanced Science and technology VS The traditional beliefs of mankind. 
  2. The positive and negative impacts of science and technology.
  3. Advancements in BIosciences VS advancements in natural sciences. 
  4. Role of two business managers at different positions. 
  5. Problems in oncology VS Issues faced in radiology. 
  6. Record maintenance in big hospitals VS The database of a small medical center. 
  7. The similarities and differences in serving as a doctor and pharmacist in the field of medicine. 
  8. Effect of pollution on the human VS effect of smoke on plants.
  9. Medical conditions VS Genetic diseases. 
  10. The Structure of DNA VS The structure of RNA


Fun Topics On Compare And Contrast Essay For Elementary Students

  1.  The price of a Samsung smartphone VS The price of an Apple iPhone 12
  2.  Reliability of Friendship and Uncertainty of Love
  3.  The GUI of Playstation and The graphics of an Xbox
  4. The effects of following a proper Diet VS Going to a gym for a heavy exercise session.
  5. The fame of Gangnam style and The evergreen moonwalk
  6. The flavor of Taco Bell and The burgers of McDonald’s
  7.  Raising a child and Growing a tree
  8.  High school friend: a total time-pass VS Childhood friend: together for life
  9.  Extracurricular activities VS daily boring classes
  10.  Family VS friends

We hope that you must have found a suitable topic for your essay out of all these topics. For your information, we would like to mention that a compare and contrast essay falls into the category of a custom college essay writer. This is because it is written particularly on specified objects, places, events, or people. Writing this essay helps the students to enhance their analytical and writing skills. Also, it helps them learn how to search for differences and similarities of different objects. 

Writing a compare and contrast essay is a time-consuming task. This is why most students try to avoid this and look for professionals who can take care of their “write my college essay” query.


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