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Consultant listings

We're soliciting consultant listings from any of you who are experts in helping others use our products more effectively, whether by training or by building whole projects, or anything in between. We can't vouch for anyone we don't know, but we're happy to add you to the upcoming list on our web site. Please send your contact info, your areas of expertise, and your geographic area. (And, of course, we'd love to get to know your work.)

Showcasing your work

We're still very interested in hearing from you via email to support if you have a project you've created with any of our products that you would like to show others; we're happy to help "dummy up" the data if it would otherwise be proprietary. Even just a finished PDF of the results (free advertising for your company or products), along with a simple summary of how you used our product to build it, would be very helpful.

If we can use your submission, we're happy to provide any of our software products as a thank-you.

Contacting us

Em Software, Inc.
39713 Hanover Ridge Road
Scio, OH 43952 USA
+1 740 284 1010
877 984 1010 (toll-free)


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CS4/CS5 upgrades available

We're very happy to announce that Xtags and InData are now shipping for InDesign CS5 (and CS4), and have some great new features (see below). Visit the release notes for full information about the changes in these upgrades:

If you bought your CS4 license on or after September 15, 2009, you're entitled to a free upgrade. (Email for your upgrade license.)

Otherwise, you can upgrade by clicking on the BUY button in the product block in the right column of the news or product pages.

New features in InData for InDesign CS4/CS5

See the full release notes linked above for details, but, since the last newsletter, InData has added:

  • built-in support for Xtags styled text (without the Xtags plug-in)
  • per-statement support for both Xtags and InDesign tagged text
  • support for inline picture boxes in Xtags tagged text
  • support for missing pictures
  • a new "aspectratiofill" option for more flexible picture positioning

New features in Xtags for InDesign CS4/CS5

See the full release notes linked above for details, but this new release of Xtags adds, among others:

  • new tags for hyperlinks, cross-references and text anchors
  • support for Xtags input using built-in drag-and-drop and the standard Place dialog
  • support for Xtags output using the standard Export dialog
  • missing picture support
  • support for above-line and custom positioning of anchored frames

New web site

We've finally "shipped" our new web site: It's now built on a solid foundation (WordPress 3) that enables rapid development and improvement, and we'd love to hear your ideas about how we could improve it to serve you better. Our main short-term goals are to add some product overview and tutorial videos, provide answers to frequently-asked questions, etc., and generally make the site a valuable resource for both pre-sales and post-sales usage.

Keeping in touch

In particular, the new support page "keeping in touch" lists various ways to follow progress at Em and interact with us, including this low-volume general newsletter, various news feeds for your newsreader, various news feeds directly to your email inbox, Twitter, and others.

The buck stops here

If you have any questions, problems, issues, kudos, or complaints that aren't being handled through the normal channels of sales/support, always feel free to contact me directly via email ( or phone (740 284 1010) to get them resolved.

Wishing you a beautiful fall (or spring, for those down under), I'll sign off with my usual, "Cheers!"

Chris Ryland, President, Em Software