United World Mission

Dear Friends and Family,

After a month of trains, planes, and automobiles (not to mention buses and bikes), I'm pleased to send this latest update from my new office in Keble College at the University of Oxford. We are thrilled to be here, and are most grateful to all of you who helped us during these past (sometimes trying) weeks.

During the first half of August, friends at our home church in Bonn (the American Protestant Church) generously hosted a number of desserts and teas for us, during which Michelle and I were given opportunities to share about our vision of Latin American missions.  Though we are still waiting to find out about whether or not most of those who attended will be in a position to support us financially, we were wonderfully blessed by the encouragement of our church family, and also by the fact that the American Protestant Church in Bonn has agreed to help support us in the coming years (thank you!). 

Between presentations we packed up our apartment, and with the help of a friend I drove a moving van up to Oxford.  For ten days Michelle, the boys, and I were generously housed by a variety of friends in both Germany and the UK, until this week we were finally able to move into our new place here in Oxford.  As I walked along the Thames on my way to work this morning, watching swans float through the mist and intermittently plucking wild blackberries, I felt incredulously happy and overwhelmingly grateful that God would bring us back to Oxford for yet another season. 

As missions fundraising is now our main (missiological) challenge prior to deploying to Latin America, we'd be grateful if you would pray for the responses of those who heard about our ministry in Germany, that we would be able to move forward with a strong support base among our German family.  Please pray also for Judah as he begins a new school. 

Finally, we are excited to have one of my old highschool friends coming to move in with us, as he begins a doctorate in Old Testament at Oxford.  We'd appreciate your prayers for this experiment in Christian community, particularly that we would establish good habits of communication and boundaries from the beginning.

We continue to count ourselves as richly blessed to have all of your friendship.

God's peace be with you all,

Christopher, Michelle, Judah, and Asher Hays

From Michelle:

I had asked many of you to pray for Judah's transistion to Oxford. Today was his first day of Year 1 (equivalent to first grade). He was full of excitement and fear on our walk there this morning. I heard from his teacher, Miss Edwards, that Judah was brave enough to raise his hand and share in the all school assembly (a gathering of first through sixth graders). He has found at least one friend so far and gave me a full report on which playgrounds are the best. I'm sure it will be a bit before he feels fully comfortable there, but today was a very good start. Asher was greatly distressed as we left Judah in the morning and asked all day where Judah had gone and when we could find him again. I am looking forward to settling into a routine and hopeful that Judah's school will be a good fit.   

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