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As you may remember from the last issue, I'm no cook. But I DO know of an excellent appetizer, and I'm going to share it with you right now. 

Are you ready? You look ready.

This appetizer has just three ingredients. I get them from Trader Joe's, but I'm sure you can get them from your local grocery store as well. They are:

1. Steamed lentils, ready to eat
2. Bruschetta sauce
3. Crumbled feta cheese

Open the packages, pour the contents into a bowl, and mix. That's it! This is my kind of recipe, people.

Serve it with any sort of cracker or even a baguette. Trust me -- this appetizer is a hit. I even got crazy one time and put it on top of spinach leaves and ate it like a salad. 

Enjoy! And if you have an idea for an easy appetizer, reply and let me know! 
In other news, I'm going off the deep end. Ever since I got a dog (two years ago) I've become increasingly dog crazy.

Before we got JJ, I didn't really think about dogs all that much. But now? I LOVE DOGS, and I can't get enough. 

Just this week I bought a book called "The Dogist," based on the Instagram account (@thedogist). As the cover explains, this book contains "photographic encounters with 1,000 dogs." 

Um, yeah. COUNT ME IN. 

Is anyone else out there hopelessly dog crazy? Maybe there's a support group I should join. I'll research that later, after I look at these 1,000 dogs. 

I took a picture of my dog looking at pictures of dogs. That's where things are at. 
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and there is a LOT of preparation over here.

I'm kidding. Here's what we do.

But I DO support Valentine's Day as a holiday. Why? Well, as some of you know, I create greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings. And in the greeting card industry, we LOVE any holiday that encourages people to send cards. Boss's Day? YES. Sweetest Day? Not sure what that is, but SURE. Dog Appreciation Day? Not a thing, but SHOULD BE. 

Here's a Valentine's Day card I created several years ago...

I find the bird guy mildly intriguing. But that sack-on-the-head guy... that's rough.

This year I have a card being test-marketed in a few stores. If it "passes" (i.e. if enough people buy it) then it will be mass-produced next year. So we'll see... in my experience, it's really difficult to pass a test market. The vast majority of my card ideas don't make it past that stage. Here's the card... 



I hope YOUR Valentine's Day is mildly outrageous. In a good way. 
In the past two weeks we've covered bathroom visits, exercise, body-wash bottles, stuffing your mouth with grapes, and more. I post a cartoon every weekday, so head over to my website if you missed any!

The most popular cartoon in the past two weeks was this one, about open web tabs. I tried to count how many open tabs I have in Safari (on my phone), and I immediately got overwhelmed and stopped.

Over on the Hedger Corp side of the house, things went from bad to worse as the staff endured "Phase 2" of a corporate wellness initiative. Read all about it here.  

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