May 2014

Welcome to the first issue of eyelevel!

Over the past months I've been making major updates to my web site, blog and email systems. I'm thrilled to welcome you to the new digs!

eyelevel is a new name for my blog and email newsletters, but my goal remains the same: to bring you frequent, useful updates on art, design and photography.

If you love
  • fine art
  • interior design
  • photography and digital imaging
and the exciting convergence of these disciplines, eyelevel is the place to be!

Along with being the first to find out about my latest work, special offers and events, you'll also get industry news, product information and much more.

Some highlights of what's this issue:
  • New web site and artworks
  • Art tips and free Design Guide
  • Partner Spotlight
  • ASDA television ad
  • Art Term: Giclée
  • New art display pilot program
  • Italy Photo Tour Autumn 2014
  • Free abstract eBook
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Read on ...

New web site and blog

We've been hard at work behind-the-scenes and are pleased to unveil the new version of and companion blog, eyelevel.

My goals for the updates all revolved around bringing you and other site visitors an easier and more engaging, interesting and fun experience.

Key improvements include:
  • Fully responsive design adapts to any screen size including mobile devices
  • Updated screen layout and navigation design
  • Enhanced security and stability, especially for client accounts
  • New resources for interior designers
These changes are just the beginning. Going forward we'll be rolling out new features to provide more customized content just for you!

Click below to visit the new web site.
Nat Coalson Home Page
A big thanks to Barry Feldman for his excellent help with copywriting and content strategy on the new site.

New work

Along with the new web site I've been creating lots of new artwork! From abstract Limited Editions on canvas to fine art photography, travel and nature images ... my online collections are growing every day.

As you may know, my main focus is creating imagery for hospitality properties, especially hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants. If you're a designer decorating a spa, cruise ship or private yacht, my work also fits very well in these environments.

Here are a quick links to a few of my collections with brand new imagery:

New abstract photography

New photographs from many travel destinations, including all-new collections for Spain and Ireland

Tips for choosing art: Line and shape

Like color, the lines and shapes in a work of art convey strong emotional cues to a viewer.

When you're selecting artwork for a particular room, pay special attention to the mood you want to create within the space. Choose are that supports those feelings.

For example, if you want to display art with a peaceful, calming effect, avoid angular jagged lines in the artwork and instead opt for visuals with more rounded, smooth and flowing graphics. A horizontal ('landscape') orientation can also emphasize calmness and stability.

Scenic Travel Photogrpah: Upon Winnat's Pass by Nat CoalsonIf you want to add energy to a space, consider artwork using a vertical (or 'portrait') orientation and diagonal lines. Angles within a picture carry lots of visual energy and can strongly direct the viewer's eye. You can even use the lines in artwork so people will look at other elements within your interior design scheme!

Mixing Art & Matching Moods PDF CoverFree design guide

Everyone who has been on a search for a new work of art knows how overwhelming and daunting it can be to find good art and choose the best piece for the intended space.

The challenges are compounded for interior designers, who must adhere to a range of criteria for the proper selection of artwork in an interior scheme. Designers must balance the need for art that fits into the design scheme, pleases the client, emphasizes the mood you're trying to create and meets the budget.

We've all been in hotel rooms, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, etc. and marvelled at the atrocious art. It doesn't need to be this way!

Whatever constraints a design project brings, you can source good art. But with an infinite range of viable options, how to choose the absolute best art for the job?

Like all good design, you can use a methodology to determine if a given work of art meets the defined criteria.

To help begin to address these concerns, I've recently written a new guide for designers (and art lovers of all kinds) with tips and techniques for using art as interior wall decor.

This free PDF provides a foundation for making better decisions when it comes to selecting art for interior design projects.

Click here to download your free copy now >

What people are saying about my art…

“It is with great pleasure that I provide a letter of recommendation for Nat Coalson.

By way of introduction, I am the President of Graphic Encounter, Inc., a professional fine art and hospitality art consulting firm located in Aspen, Colorado (USA). Graphic Encounter provides professional fine art and hospitality art consulting services to distinguished interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, and hotel developers who specialize in the design and implementation of premier destination resorts, hotels, casino hotels, mega-resorts, and commercial installations worldwide.

Some notable project(s) include: – Wynn Las Vegas/Encore at Wynn Las Vegas/ Encore at Wynn Macau, China – ARIA Resort & Casino, City Center, Las Vegas, NV and the Little Nell in Graphic Encounter’s home town of Aspen, Colorado.

Mr. Coalson’s photography and his personal ability to provide my firm with the appropriate images for hospitality projects is quite extraordinary. Working with Nat has been very easy and makes our task as art consultants to the hotel industry easy to accomplish.

If you need any personal recommendation, please feel free to contact me personally.”

–Ron Golbus, President, Graphic Encounter, Inc., Aspen, Colorado, USA

My photograph of Yorkshire Dales featured in UK national TV ad

London agency VCCP licensed one of Nat's landscape photographs of the Yorkshire Dales region of England. The picture was used in an Easter TV promotion for grass fed lamb from supermarket chain ASDA. Click below to watch the video on YouTube.

Partner spotlight

Interior designers working in hospitality now have a new resource for using my fine art photography in hotel interiors!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently begun a new partnership with HG Arts, based in Orlando, Florida, to provide more exciting, original artwork for the hospitality industry.

The new collection, available exclusively through HG Arts, currently features nineteen of my fine art photographs selected specifically for inclusion in hospitality projects. Going forward, new images will be regularly added to the collection.

To see the work and get more details, click here to visit

Art Term: Giclée

One of the most misunderstood, and perhaps controversial, terms you’ll hear around the art world is “giclée”. It’s used in reference to a type of art print and is based on a French word meaning “to spray”. A giclée print is an inkjet print; however, there’s more to the name and the story behind it.

Read the article >

Join our Pilot Program
for a new art display system

We’re currently conducting hospitality market research for an innovative new system for displaying personalized guestroom artwork. Designers and property managers are invited to apply for participation in the pilot program starting Summer 2014. Find out more about the program and participation requirements by contacting Nat directly at or by telephone at 720-936-1015 (US) or 07557 672217 (UK).

Photo Tour of Piedmont September 2014

Join us for an Unforgettable Journey Through Piedmont & Liguria September 10-18, 2014

On this tour you will follow in the centuries old tracks of salt smugglers as they made their way back from inland trading centers to the Mediterranean Sea through some of northern Italy’s most spectacular countryside. The tour is ideal for the photographer or travel enthusiast keen to explore the Barolo and Barbera wine countries of Piedmont, wander through olive groves and hill towns below the 9,000-foot Maritime Alps in Liguria and discover a splendid Mediterranean port.

This tour is marvelous in the fall, when the grapes are harvested, the vine leaves change color and porcini mushrooms and white truffles might be plentiful. (There’s also lots to do for non-photographers!)

There will be a maximum of 12 guests per tour; we’ve determined that 8-12 participants is the optimal group size both for exploring the region of travel and for each participant to receive personal, one-on-one photo instruction.

Find out more and register today >
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