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MinKwon is Starting 2015 off with a Renewed Sense of Hope!!

The broken immigration system has separated numerous immigrant families and our community members are still struggling to maintain life due to the continuous recession. We need continuous support especially for the low-income, the elderly and the marginalized.

The MinKwon Center actively responded to these challenges last year. We have held many campaigns for administrative relief and pushed for faster implementation of IDNYC. To politically empower the immigrant community, we urged our community members to vote during the elections period. Through our free social services program, we provided a financial benefit of approximately 5 million dollars to over a 4,000 people. Also, we provided legal advice and services to over 300 dreamers to apply for and renew their DACA applications.

Now, the MinKwon Center is starting 2015 with a new hope. We have been strategically planning to support as many immigrant community members as possible for the new immigration program called DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Accountability). We will actively push for the New York State Dream Act, advocate for more affordable housing and actively pursue other pro-immigrant policies at the state and city level.
Furthermore, we will continue to build a concrete base for political empowerment in the immigrant community as we build up to the 2016 elections. We will also continue to provide the social services to meet the needs of the community.
Please continue to support us. With your help, we can create a better community for all of us. Below are the main activities of the MinKwon Center occurred in late 2014 and early 2015:

IDNYC Launch

Officially launched on January 12, 2015, the IDNYC card has drawn thousands of applicants, with the MinKwon Center for Community Action fielding over 500 hundred phone-calls and walk-ins. IDNYC is the largest municipal identification program in the nation and seeks to serve all 8 million New Yorkers. Since early in 2014, MinKwon Center worked closely with the mayor’s office and other advocates to ensure that the card would be widely adopted and appealing to all city residents.

[Column] Administrative Relief Before and Now

"President Obama made ​​the decision. However, it was too late.." / Ju-Bum Cha, Education and Communications Director

Albany Day for New York State Dream Act

Eight of MinKwon’s DREAM activists and staff traveled to Albany on January 21, 2015, joining hundreds of activists in watching Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address. Immediately following the address, we participated in a press conference and Speak Out organized by the New York Immigration Coalition.  By linking the NYS Dream Act to the Education Tax Credit, Governor Cuomo has created a situation where opportunity for DREAMers may cost support to public schools.  The ETC is seen as a way of funneling funds away from public schools towards private schools. The DREAM Act can and should be passed on its own merits.

In the month of November, December & January

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