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Fighting for the DREAM

The New York State DREAM Act was left out of the state’s final budget after Governor Cuomo pulled it out towards the end of the budget negotiations. The MinKwon Center’s Dreamer youth James Jeong said, “I am disappointed in Governor Cuomo’s lack of leadership – that he is unable to recognize the potential in the undocumented student community. Passing the Dream Act would enable students like myself to not only better ourselves, but also to better the communities that we live in. We are tired of having our lives toyed with and we will not stop fighting until we see real leadership.”
Mr. Cuomo had initially linked the New York State Dream Act and the Education Tax Credit, including both in the state’s preliminary budget. He ultimately dropped both from the budget, however, stating that the state legislators were nowhere close to coming to an agreement on these issues. Mr. Cuomo said he would continue to push for the DREAM Act during the legislative session. We remain strong in our stance -- the New York State DREAM Act should stand and pass on its own merits.


Our Youth Are Amazing!

High school youth participating in the YEP (Youth Empowerment Program) come together on a weekly basis, learning about the many issues that our communities face and participating in MinKwon’s various activities.
In March, the MinKwon Center youth held a peer education exchange session with the youth community project team of the Korean American Family and Service Center (KAFSC). They shared presentations on Asian American history, cultural identity, DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals), domestic violence and the bystander effect. The exchange session proved to be an important and fun opportunity for them to learn and practice their public speaking skills with their peers.
"It was a great opportunity to interact with others in our community and meet new people,” said Seungwon Hyun, a high school freshman and a YEP participant. “What was even better was that everyone was interested in similar topics such as DACA. We also exchanged information on important issues like domestic violence."
The students are also planning to help out at the Participatory Budgeting street outreach, which will take place from April 10th-11th.
The MinKwon Center for Community Action’s YEP provides the local Asian American high school youth an opportunity to learn about the community and develop social, life and leadership skills that will allow them to become future leaders.

[Column] Mayor De Blasio’s Plan and Reality

Mayor De Blasio’s Plan and Reality / Ju-Bum Cha, Education and Communications Director

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