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An Ongoing Journey to an American Dream

Jong-Min You was disappointed when President Obama first announced administrative relief in 2012. He was just one year older than the cutoff age of 31 set by the original 2012 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Then, Obama’s 2014 immigration executive action expanded the deferred action program to cover more undocumented immigrants like Jong-Min. After years of waiting, Jong-Min thought he was finally going to be one step closer of achieving his dream - becoming a United States federal judge.

Ironically, it was a federal court judge that put up yet another obstacle for Jong-Min this month, by issuing an injunction that temporarily stops Obama’s executive actions on immigration. In response, the MinKwon Center, along with other organizations, elected officials, and DREAMers held a press conference to denounce the judge’s order and to vow to redouble their efforts to support the initiatives.

"I've always felt American. I want the chance to contribute as someone on the right side of immigration law, and eventually as a full citizen through DACA," he said. “DACA will open doors for me."

Jong-Min is not alone in this battle, as there are about 300,000 people in New York who are still waiting for the expanded DACA program. The MinKwon Center will continue to push for comprehensive immigration reform until it’s a reality for Jong-Min and other DREAMers!

MinKwon's Statement on Texas Federal Judge Ruling
Jong-Min You's Statement

MinKwon Center’s 2014 Social Services Round-up

At our legal clinics, MinKwon’s staff attorneys specialize in immigration, housing and labor laws - providing legal advice and representation for our community members. Also, our social services include application assistance for food stamps, heating assistance and free tax preparation services.

2014 Social Services Report

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