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Adriatic Landscape Day in Serres, Greece

On 02/11/2021, the Early Childhood Education, Social Policy and  Sports Agency of Serres Municipality –  O.P.A.K.P.A, organized the Adriatic Landscape Day event in Serres at the premises of Serres

Racing Circuit. At the event, the stakeholders spoke about sports tourism and how this sector can be strengthened. They referred to the most significant elements of the Prefecture of Serres and expressed their local experiences and proposed ideas for a new tourist landscape. Throughout the activity the present stakeholders presented:

  • cycling routes and applications
  • modern navigation applications with smartphones
  • mountain tourism as a factor of tourism development
  • sports tourism – the case of tennis
  • air sports and air tourism

2nd Workshop in Serres, Greece

On 28/02/2022, the Early Childhood Education, Social Policy and  Sports Agency of Serres Municipality –  O.P.A.K.P.A, organized the thematic field of the 2nd workshop. During this workshop, the presentation of Cultural and Traditional elements of the Prefecture of Serres was presented. 

During the event the stakeholders focused on:
– the identification of the Points of Interest of the Prefecture for the creation of landscape maps
– the evaluation of landscape elements
– mapping of landscape elements

The stakeholders presented the monuments of religious interest with reference to the dynamics contained in the Pilgrim Tourism for the improvement of the general touristic image of the area, the archaeological sites and monuments and the historical monuments of the Municipality of Sintiki. Finally, the president of the “Public Benefit Company of the municipality of Serres” mentioned the importance of recording cultural associations on a digital platform. In the context of her presentation, she presented the digital cultural map of the Municipality of Serres, referring to the idea, its implementation with the participation of more than 50 associations as well as the difficulties that were presented, in order to successfully complete the project.

Tourism organization of the City of Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia boosts stakeholders' active involvement in the establishment of LIC in 3rd and 4th AdriLink Labs

Tourism Organization of the City of Sremska Mitrovica continued to work on the development of maps, thematic routes and itineraries, as well as on creating long-lasting and sustainable models for the functioning of Sremska Mitrovica LIC with the help of stakeholders actively involved in the 3rd and 
4th  Link Lab Workshop. 3rd Workshop, which was held on 29th November 2021, was an opportunity to discuss and select the most important locations/landscapes for creating itineraries, to obtain skills necessary for creating narratives/stories that would enrich the route and see best practice examples of sustainable management of a route – Roman Emperors’ and Danube Wine Route. 
4th Workshop was held on 20th December 2021 and it involved stakeholders in the final definition of the map and creation of itineraries. Also, participants were presented with best practice examples of involving children in activities promoting cultural heritage as well as with VR destination presenting as the manner of interpreting a certain landscape. 
The two workshops were crowned with the signing of Stakeholder Agreements- a manner to formalize active and comprehensive involvement of stakeholders in the creation of LIC’s vision and goals in the future. 
All activities are seen as a preparation for the sustainable and efficient management of the Landscape Interpretation Centre that will be located in the Tourism Information Centre of the City of Sremska Mitrovica. 


On 18th November 2021 the conference entitled "Landscape and Sustainable Tourism" took place within the framework of the Interreg ADRION - ADRILINK project. The event was organized by CORILA and hosted by the Iuav University of 

of Venice in Venice, and was attended by all project partners.
The conference investigated the concept of landscape and its social, economic, cultural and ecological approaches, as well as exploring models and tools for an integrated landscape interpretation strategy for sustainable tourism through 3 thematic sessions:
-SESSION 1: Landscape and sustainable tourism
-SESSION 2: Management tools and models to support Landscape Interpretation Centres
-SESSION 3: Elements for an integrated landscape interpretation strategy for sustainable tourism
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LINK-Lab activities in Mošćenička Draga, Croatia

The core activity of the ADRILINK project, participatory workshops that brought together all relevant stakeholders from the municipality of Mošćenička Draga, continued during October and December 2022. It was pointed out that Mošćenička Draga tourism is based on landscape values. The aim is to highlight

areas that have not necessarily been the focus of interest so far. For the first time, the landscape was divided on the basis of the landscape base into types and areas. Landscape maps set the basis for further elaboration of landscape thematic itineraries that would guide visitors along the paths of the high-quality landscape heritage of the area.
The workshops brought together participants of different age groups. Local stakeholders provided high-quality historical information about the local landscape, while students pointed out the importance of the use of modern technologies in landscape promotion.

Landscape Days in Vrsar Municipality, Croatia

The landscape days initiative in Vrsar Municipality was organized on several days during November and December 2021. Each initiative focused on landscape promotion, with the main objective to enhance the knowledge, love and respect of citizens and visitors for

the heritage of the area. The main event called “A Day in Kontija forest” was organized as an open day including interpretative walks and open-air workshops for locals and visitors of all ages in order to promote the local landscape, develop and strengthen the local capacities about landscape valorization and preservation.  
The other events included: a conference, a round table, an event on landscape promotion through live interpretation with interpreters-actors for youngs and adults, a Landscape lover’s day with scientific lectures and on-site visits of the protected landscape areas, an online event involving the scientific community of the University of Zagreb and another one with the University of Pula.

Vrsar Tourist Board facilitated one of the largest participatory processes in the Istrian region for a shared vision of landscape interpretation

The Local Co-design workshops in the Municipality of Vrsar were organized to reach a common vision of landscape interpretation between stakeholders of the area. A participatory process was carried on between November and December 2021 involving more than 40 interested stakeholders that have agreed on:

- preserving the peace and quietness (the nature soundscape) of the forest Kontija
- fostering the understanding of the relationship between the well-being of nature and humans
- valorizing learning experiences through heritage interpretation
- valorizing the experiential and sensory perception of the importance of nature preservation

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