Helpful tools on spiritual formation and the integration of faith and work.
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Welcome to The Lamp Post—a newsletter from InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry. With this edition, we are relighting what we believe is an important resource for faculty, trusting it will engage, inform, and encourage you.

As the name implies, The Lamp Post is about bringing light, helping us to grow in our understanding of God in the face of Christ (II Cor. 4:5-9). As we restart this work, we are amazed that God entrusts us to carry the gospel, clay pots that we are. And we know that in these uncertain times in higher education, many of you are hard pressed and perplexed. Yet your vocations and presence are as important as ever. With you, we witness that God has not left our side.

May you find encouragement from the articles linked below. We have chosen pieces related to spiritual formation, integration of faith and work, and other helpful resources. Faculty Ministry is especially pleased to be able to highlight the four faculty conferences that will be happening the summer of 2017. A common element of all four is the opportunity to retreat and engage with other Christian faculty in lovely settings. We consistently hear how refreshing and significant these conferences are. Check them out and contact the appropriate conference with further questions.

I am grateful for your service to God on campus.

Debra Block Clark
Interim Faculty Ministry Director
Learning Virtues from the Iliad
Can you grow in your faith through a recurring course you teach? This professor loves teaching the Iliad because it depicts so many values fundamental to faith and life: friendship, hospitality, and more.
Confident Pluralism in the University
There are often deep and incommensurable differences around us. Dr. John Inazu shares about the challenges pluralism brings to the university and how we can live together through our differences.
Keeping the Sabbath
Rest is often in short supply for many in academia. How do we find time for Sabbath amidst the frenetic pace of life both in our work and our leisure?

2017 Faculty Conferences

An opportunity to gather with Christian faculty to study scripture, network, and learn how others in academia are integrating their faith and career.

Midwest Faculty Conference
June 17-22, 2017 | Cedar Campus, MI
Spiritual Formation for Faculty and Families

Blue Ridge Faculty Conference
June 29-July 2, 2017 | Brevard, NC
Faithful Presence in a Pluralistic University

West Coast Faculty Conference
July 30-August 4, 2017 | Santa Barbara, CA
Forming Communities of Grace: An Alternative Way in Higher Education

Northeast Faculty Conference
August 3-6, 2017 | Kingston, RI
Love, Hospitality, and Service: Stewarding God's Grace in the Academy

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