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 Home and Garden Size

Home or Garden
 65”H x 22”L x 15”W
Edition of 18      Bronze

The base will be two pieces of stacked sandstone. 
The patina will be a copper penny red with black marbling along with a layering of greens and blues in the textured areas.

The Precast Price of $23,500 is available now. 
The retail will be $26,400 after it is out of the foundry in 8-10 weeks.
Please feel free to call with any questions or to place an order.
417 335 3870 or tim@timcherry.com
or reach out to any of Tims wonderful galleries.

Every sculpture has a life or personal thumbprint all it’s own. This life begins with the inspiration of mother nature. Tim then infuses his interpretation and design into the life of the sculpture. This life long journey continues as
you bring it into your hearts and homes.
Tim created the original maquette of HOUSE SITTER in 2012.  This sculpture has been in many museum and gallery exhibitions, including the prestigious Birds and Art Show at the Woodson Art Museum as well as the National Cowboy and Western Heritage, The Autry and Eitlejorg Museums.  
See the sculpting process of HOUSE SITTER on Tim's Blog in the January 2014 edition.
The set up begins.  The first of five coats of rubber is carefully measured out with the triple beam scale and applied with a paint brush, then blown into the nooks and crannies with the air compressor.  The job of the rubber is to pick up the detail of the sculpture.
It will take many batches of rubber for each coat.  There is no stopping once you start.  It took several hours to put one coat on HOUSE SITTER.
After the second coat is set, the shims are pinned into place.  The shims work as a divider or dam between the different sections of the mold, allowing the mold to come apart when complete.  Coat three, four and five go over the shims. Can you guess what the shims are made of?
While coat five is still tacky, Tim places in the nibs. Small oval rubber items held to the tacky rubber with straight pins.  The nibs will create a locking system for the rubber mold to fit into the plaster mother mold.

5 gallons of rubber and 5 days later the rubber mold is finished.
Once all the rubber is complete, the plaster mother mold comes next. The job of the plaster mother mold is to keep the shape and integrity of the rubber mold. 

 Tim starts by mixing the plaster by hand and splashing the plaster onto the rubber mold (and everywhere else in the studio! :).  As the plaster begins to solidify, Tim picks up the pace in sheer panic, he dips hemp in the plaster and applies it to the rubber. The hemp gives the plaster strength.
Tim is in charge of the plaster, the studio help gets to make snakes and cow patties out of the hemp. Studio help is also in charge of singing to the music.
As Tim preps the head section for the last of the plaster, you can see the other finished sections below.  Finally the plaster mold is finished, the studio is a mess and there is tons to clean up.  After a very full day the mold is now ready to be taken apart.
This is the way we wash our mold, wash our mold...
This is the way we dry our plaster dry our plaster.

Tim and Linda, (ie: studio helper) make all the molds for Tim's pieces. Over all Tim used 5 gallons of rubber and 150 pounds of plaster for the HOUSE SITTER mold.
(While listening to Linda sing 20-30 songs off tune.)
 The mold is now delivered to the foundry.

Stay tuned as the casting process unfolds.

As Tim's dear old friend and mentor,
Fritz White used to say,

"It ain't easy being a sculptor."

Tim, Tikka


whooo is having more fun?
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