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What role for DNDi in hepatitis C?

Viewpoint by Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director, DNDi

The barriers to accessing new hepatitis C drugs are a clear illustration of how today’s system of medical innovation is failing to deliver affordable treatments for people in need. »

DNDi, Pharco, and Malaysia’s Ministry of Health announce project to deliver affordable hepatitis C regimen

DNDi, Pharco Pharmaceuticals, and the Ministry of Health Malaysia announced at the International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that they signed agreements to test an affordable hepatitis C regimen with a target price of under $300.

DNDi’s R&D strategy for hepatitis C explained

DNDi released a paper outlining its R&D strategy for hepatitis C with details of the licensing terms reached with Pharco Pharmaceuticals, together with infographics on both the disease and the new project, and testimonies from Malaysian hepatitis C activists explaining their difficulties in accessing current treatments. »

Call for Papers:
PLOS WorldLeish-6 Collection

Once every four years, World Leish brings together scientists for the leading leishmaniasis event. DNDi is co-organizing World Leish 6, which takes place in Toledo, Spain, 16-20 May 2017. To accompany the event, the World Leish 6 Scientific Community and PLOS Collections call for research papers for a special PLOS WorldLeish-6 Collection, and DNDi will award prizes to 20 researchers. »


Malaria: Easier access to ASAQ and ASMQ treatment

Two recent developments promise to make access to malaria treatment easier: The PREGACT study presents much needed evidence that ACTs are safe and effective in pregnant women; and WHO Prequalification has extended the shelf life of ASMQ. »

The US Senate designates World Lymphedema Day

In a unanimous vote in the US Senate, the first annual “World Lymphedema Day” was marked on 6th March. The US Senate is the first legislature to officially recognize lymphedema as a major cause of global disability and suffering. »

Scientific Articles

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry:
Repositioning antitubercular 6-Nitro-2,3-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b][1,3]oxazoles for neglected tropical diseases: Structure-activity studies on a preclinical candidate for visceral leishmaniasis »

BMC Paediatrics:
An analysis of volumes, prices and pricing trends of the pediatric antiretroviral market in developing countries from 2004 to 2012 »

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases:
Eliminating the neglected tropical diseases: Translational science and new technologies »

Photo credits: Don Paul/DNDi, Maneesh Agnihotri/DNDi
DNDi y la farmacéutica Pharco prueban un tratamiento de bajo coste para la Hepatitis C con el apoyo de los gobiernos de Malasia y Tailandia »

DNDi e farmacêutica Pharco testam tratamento de baixo custo para hepatite C com apoio dos governos da Malásia e Tailândia »

BioMed Central: “Improving treatment availability for children with HIV”

Le Monde: “Hépatite C: un traitement à moins de 300 dollars à l’étude”

Science Africa: “Hepatitis C: DNDi, Malaysia, Thailand and Egypt’s Pharco pharmaceuticals collaborating on treatment”

France 24: “Hépatite C: l’Égypte ouvre la porte à un traitement à des prix défiant toute concurrence”
Bernama: “Kerjasama di antara kementerian kesihatan malaysia dengan DNDi untuk penyelidikan klinikal hepatitis C”

Healio: “DNDi announces Pharco partnership to reduce HCV treatment costs in Asia”

The Star Online: “Hepatitis C treatment at a fraction of the cost to be available soon”
Les Echos: “Hépatite C: bientôt un traitement à moins de 300 dollars”

The Guardian: “Hepatitis C treatment for under $300 coming soon”

El Pais: “Una ONG impulsa tratamientos contra la hepatitis C de menos de 300 euros”

The Guardian: “The price of health: the cost of developing new medicines“

SciDev.net: “Alta mortalidad por enfermedades desatendidas en Brasil”

Politico: “The Zika loopholes“

Rádis: "Por uma lógica inclusiva"
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