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'Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.'
James 5:16

Weekly Prayer Focus

Proverbs 15:29

"The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.”.

This coming week, please lift up the Hay Family - Warrick, Peta, Caleb, Anica & Abigail before the throne of grace. As well as general prayers, ask the Lord if there are any particular requests we could be making on their behalf.



Kids Club & Sabbath School now starts at 10am!

New COVID-19 Restrictions
Unfortunately, due to new COVID-19 cases from unknown sources, there are new restrictions in place. This week we will:
  • Need to wear face masks while inside the Church building
  • Not be allowed to have the congregation sing
  • Not be collecting an in-person offering (however, you can still donate at


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We are grateful to God for his leading this year and for keeping us safe. Let’s continue to pray for our world, and shine his love wherever we go.

🥳Birthdays for May!🥳

  • Emma Lane - 9th
  • James Lane - 12th
  • Wendy Zveglic - 12th
  • Jeremy Hutabarat - 13th
  • Daniel North - 18th
  • Bailey Neves - 25th
  • Tracey Moore - 28th

Usuku olumnandi lokuzalwa - Zulu (Translation: 'Happy Birthday')


Special prayers for the COVID-19 Pandemic
God, when we sit at the edge of hope and uncertainty, fill our hearts with your peace which surpasses all understanding.

  • Pray that any outbreaks of the spread of infection will be quickly brought under control and researchers will be able to identify and track cases to isolate the source(s)
  • Pray that the revised vaccination schedules will be well-formulated, the logistics of the delivery of vaccines throughout Australia will run smoothly and the accompanying advertising program will be successful.
  • Pray that our leaders will have great wisdom as they decide what to do about the situation in India and the repatriation of Australian citizens from there. Pray also for the leaders in India as they seek to bring the crisis under control, and the wider community who are in such danger with so many contracting the virus every day
  • Pray also that Australians who have reservations about having a vaccination can make a decision that is best for themselves and others. Pray that the community will listen to medical advice and not be swayed by wrong information that might be posted on social media and elsewhere.
  • Pray that we will be sensitive to the needs of others in our community who are suffering additional stresses as a result of measures that have been introduced to reduce the spread of the virus. Ask also that God will give us ways we can show His love to those around us.
  • Give thanks for those governments worldwide who are putting aside funds to assist poorer countries to have their own vaccination programs and pray that they will have great wisdom as they embark on the program that there will not be a “rich/poor divide” and there will be sufficient funds for all people needing vaccinations to receive them
  • Pray especially that help from Australia will enable the PNG govt to slow the spread of the virus bring the pandemic under control
  • Pray for protection for those in our Church family who are ministering to the health needs of our community as well as all those on the frontlines of Australia’s health care system.
  • Pray for children as they adjust to changes in their lives, that families will be able to provide security and help them deal with their fears and concerns.

General prayer points for this week

Loving God, as we feel the pressure to keep pace with an increasingly hurried world, let us pause today to remember your constant presence in our lives. You have called us to be people who rise above the frantic nature of our surroundings. Let us reflect on the peace of your Spirit today.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God”

  • Pray for our nation that the turmoil that has arisen in recent days about the behaviour of some individuals and groups will be swiftly and effectively dealt with and we will show respect for one another
  • Pray for wisdom for our Prime Minister, that he will be able to put measures in place to initiate a significant turnaround of attitude where it is most needed
  • Pray for the formation of the Royal Commission into suicides of Australian Defence personnel, the terms of reference being drawn up will cover all critical issues, the investigation will be thorough and all witnesses will have their testimony clearly heard and understood
  • Pray for those organisations already involved in supporting veterans. that they will have the resources they need and those in need will be able to easily access their services
  • Pray that our hearts will be changed, and, along with the Australian community, we will see that we have always needed You, our God, more in fact than we have ever acknowledged. We thank you for Your great and unfailing love so clearly shown to us in so many ways.
  • Pray for all those in our Church family who are facing stresses of various kinds that they might know that you are the God who cares and we might be able to support them in prayer.
  • Pray about the Board’s idea of having one of our members share their testimony of their walk with God. This has blessed many, including those who have shared. Ask God to inspire people to volunteer to enable us to continue this practice.
  • Ask God to show us how we should worship Him now as a Church, after worshipping at home privately and virtually on Sabbath for so long, and that our lives will be influenced by the reality of what He did so long ago.
  • Pray for continued healing and complete recovery for Gil, strength for Amy, and comfort for the whole family. Pray that Amy and Gil will have wisdom and favour as some of the outstanding issues are being resolved
  • Pray for Willem’s mum as she continues her treatment that it will achieve all that is intended. Be with the whole family as they interact remotely with each other in supporting Brenda.

When our own world is turned upside down and all we can sense in ourselves is weakness and disappointment, we need to be reminded of this important truth:

Jesus came looking for us—exactly as we are.

If you would like the Leadership Team to pray for a private matter, please send your request to Pr Boriss.


This Sabbath
  • Kids Club & Sabbath School: 10:00am
  • Worship Service: 11:15am
  • Speaker: Pr Boriss Soldat
  • Offering: Local Budget
Next Week
  • Speaker: Pr Alban Matohiti 
  • Offering: Macarthur Scholarships
This Week's Roster
  • Program Coordinator: Steve
  • Host: Rob
  • Music: Claire Race
  • PA: Brendan
  • DP/Video: Scott
  • Beginners: Amy & Leah
  • Kindergarten: Jo Cooper & Chris
  • Primary: Maxine & Andrew Cooper
  • Juniors: Boriss & Heidi
  • Adult Bible Study: Gil
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