New comics for April!
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New comics for April!

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Below you can browse the latest additions to the Birdcage Bottom Books shop. 

SAM SPINA'S "The Complete TARN"

Future Shock #7
edited by Josh Burggraf (Kid Space Heater, A33)

Future Shock 7: Astro Psych Out Sci Fi, edited and assembled by Josh Burggraf.

FS 7 contains comix  by:

Anuj Shrestha
Vincent Giard
Sophia Foster-Dimino
William Cardini
Jason Murphy
Lala Albert
Pete Toms
Josh Burggraf
Victor Kerlow
and Alex Degen

7.5″ x 10.5″, 60 pages. 
Full-color cover by Anuj Shrestha & full-color interior!

Characters: Fifty Portraits of Contemporary Cartoonists
by Jess Ruliffson (Invisible Wounds)

The portraits in “Characters: Fifty Portraits of Contemporary Cartoonists” were created by Jess Ruliffson for a one-day exhibition that featured one hundred paintings and drawings of comic artists. The artist selected fifty of those pieces to be published in this collection. 

Jess has a knack for capturing a cartoonist’s likeness in her small gouache paintings. Those of you within the cartooning community will enjoy recognizing these familiar faces.  

Published by Paper Rocket Minicomics

3.5″ x 5.5″, 56 pages. 
Full-color cover & interior


The East Village Inky #54 (Peanut, The Zinester's Guide To NYC)
by Ayun Halliday

The East Village Inky â€” in which the Hoosier-born mother of two native New Yorkers, Ayun Halliday, manages to issue forth yet another quarterly installment of their New York City lives. Perishables & Dry Goods! Insomnia! Naked people dancing in a wholesome manner! Obscurities reviewed! Live Theater! Recipes! Comics! Advice to the Fathers! Babyproofing Hilarity! A Paucity of Negative Space!

Issue #53: in which a certain leathery old matriarch gives herself leave to break with the expected thus freeing herself up to act on her agent’s long ago comment that her really super book idea AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY (ridiculously small) KITCHEN sounded like it would make a “really good zine”.

4.25″ x 5.5″, 40 pages.
B&w cover with b&w interior


by Jamie Vayda

new issue of LOUD for a new year!

Featuring stories written by Eric Perfect (Kadillac Tattoo, Rancid Vat, Double Penetration, Limecell, The Heels, Hellstomper, The Workhorse III), Christian Maes (Belgium Television writer, Captain Catastrophy: The International Man of Danger), Alan King (Polecat Boogie Revival, Beer Drinking Christians, Hellstomper), Joel Rivers (The Early Graves, Evel Kow, Before I Hang), Erika Lane (DISAPpointed PARents, Early Graves, KILLZALL, The Stovebolts) and a cover by Aaron Rayborn (Vorpal Hand, Malamute, Kookaburra). Every story made into comix by none other than Jamie Vayda (The Stovebolts, Before I Hang, The Vaydamen, Prom Guilt, Trench Knives)! 

5.5″ x 8.5″, 32 pages. 
B&w on fuchsia coverstock with b&w interior

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The Complete TARN
by Sam Spina (Spinadoodles, Fight)

TARN is about an all encompassing mega corporation run by a powerful and mysterious leader. See how a butt-hungry alligator, a very Japanese dude, and a crime-fighting pig come together in the sequel to one of the top-grossing movies of ALL TIME. What, you have no idea what I’m talking about? Of course you don’t, bich! Read it to find out.

Sam Spina’s “The Complete TARN” includes five 12 page issues, each printed on a different color recycled paper. All issues are packed in a clear re-sealable polypropylene bag along with a cover and free 4″ round vinyl sticker!

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

4.25″ x 5.5″
** Limited Edition, not available in stores **
Only $5


Genus #4
by Anuj Shrestha

Samir has returned to human form once again, but the reasons for his capture and the boss’ whereabouts are a mystery. As he tries to escape the city he finds that his past has a way of catching up with him.

5.5″ x 8.5″, 20 pages. 
Full-color cover with b&w interior

Top Of The Line #5: The Hype Man!
by Daniel McCloskey (A Film About Billy)

Top of the Line is a monthly comic by Daniel McCloskey about a kid growing into a hero and in the process a terrible bigot. 

Issue 5: Our hero slays a demon, finds a cyborg child, and watches TV for the very first time! 

 7″ x 5.5″, 24 pages.
Full-color cover with b&w interior 

Tales To Behold #5
by Paul Hoppe (Journey Into Misery, Peanut)

Created under THE BEHOLDER persona, this fifth issue of the gonzo-superheroes series continues the mis-adventures of a very odd and random super-team that includes a living skeleton, a griffin, and an immortal knight. This volume marks the beginning of Season 2 of the BEHOLDER comics.

Our heroes are recovering from the earth-shattering developments that happened in the last couple books. But they don’t have much time for a breather, as their precious off-time gets rudely interrupted by some drug dealers with strange powers. And upon their return to the Big Apple, they get attacked by – their own shadows!

5.25″ x 8.25″, 40 pages.
2-color Risograph wraparound cover with b&w interior on cream paper 


LOUD COMIX logo t-shirt
by Jamie Vayda

Show your LOUD COMIX pride (or disdain if you wear it ironically) with this shirt drawn by punk legend Jamie Vayda and featuring a font by issue #2′s cover artist Magnus Sellergren. 

These are one-color (white) silkscreen prints on black Gildan 5.3 oz heavy cotton t-shirts. 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

"Punk Rock & Trailer Parks" Joey shirt
by Derf Bacderf (My Friend Dahmer, Trashed, The City)

To celebrate the French edition of Derf Backderf’s “Punk Rock & Trailer Parks” we’ve printed up some shirts depicting a leather-clad punk who would certainly feel at home within the book. 

These are one-color (white) silkscreen prints on black Gildan 5.3 oz heavy cotton t-shirts. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. 

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