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'I’ll resist all temptations to say, “Spring is in the air”, since if like us you live in the UK that might be a little hard to believe.

If you do nothing else during May make sure you attend the EFCLIN Congress in Riga, Latvia. Lovely country, beautiful city and probably the most important event in our industry’s calendar.

We seem to have had a lot of manufacturers asking us for spare parts for “older” instruments. With our own instruments this is never a problem. Other manufacturers instruments can prove a little more difficult but rarely impossible. If you are “stuck” why not give us a try?

Ever been frustrated by callers at your front door? You might identify with this.

Steve Wheeler
MD Optimec Ltd

EFCLIN Congress – Don’t Miss It!

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There are many exhibition & congress dates in the commercial calendar but few could be more precisely targeted than the EFCLIN Congress which takes place from the 13th-15th May 2010 in Riga, Latvia. That’s right, just over 2 months time! With an academic programme covering “hot” current topics there’s something for Eyecare Professionals, Manufacturers and Distributors alike. The event also boasts a trade show with probably the largest collection of suppliers to the Contact Lens & Ocular Implantables industry ever seen. You can check out the academic programme as well as the list of exhibitors (here).

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Unwelcome Visitors?

Legislation regarding the manufacture of medical devices is becoming ever tighter. Correctly implemented of course this leads to higher standards of operation. One such area receiving a lot of attention at the moment is that of “bio burden” and “microbial contaminants” present during the production process of Contact Lenses & IOL’s. Our Decon 4 has been designed specifically to tackle this problem efficiently and cost effectively. The Decon 4 is available as a “passive” unit (where a pumping source such as a TC20i is already in use, or an “active” unit (equipped with it’s own pump). Both models use highly effective U/V light to “sanitise” the saline in use during wet processing. MRSA, Pseudomonas, Streptococci? They won’t know what’s hit them!

Call +44 (0)1684 892 859 or e-mail us on for more information.

Doku How Old?

In recent issues I have made mention of the fact that, as optical engineers we are able to maintain all kinds of optical devices & instruments. For a long time the “dear old” Zeiss DL2 Dokumator was commonplace in production facilities and it seems that Dokumators are far from extinct!

If you have Dokumators and need spare parts, repairs, servicing or adaptations there’s a good chance we can help. We can’t promise that we have everything but it’s pretty rare that something gets the better of us.

Call +44 (0)1684 892 859 or e-mail us on for more information.

Service – It Needn’t Be A Headache

Even the best products sometimes go wrong and need a repair. Essential maintenance is something that shouldn’t be neglected, but here at Optimec we try to make it, well a little less inconvenient.
If you have a JCF, JCF/F, SAG30 or 34, TC20i or any of the Optimec instrument range and need a service we may be able to provide a “loan” instrument free of charge. All you’ll have to do is organise the shipping back to us when you have received your serviced instrument back and that’s all there is to it. Simple.

Call +44 (0)1684 892 859 or e-mail us on for more information.

Obviously we only have a certain number of loan instruments and cells so to avoid disappointment let us know as soon as you can.


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