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9:30 AM Covenant Groups
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
3:00 PM New Life International Church
              in the Chapel
4:00 PM Deacons Meeting in the Heritage Room

12:00 PM Arimathea Bridge in Joe Stone Room
8:00 PM  AA in the E-215 Classroom

10:30 AM Bible Study in the Heritage Room
6:00 PM The Gathering in the Chapel
6:00 PM Children’s Choir in the East Wing
7:00 PM Sanctuary Choir S-107 in Choir Room

10:30 AM Wieuca Bridge Group in Heritage Room
DNOW Weekend

10:00 AM Wieuca Traveler’s in the Heritage Room

9:30 AM A Christian’s Response to Refugees
              in S103
9:30 AM Covenant Groups
11:00 AM Worship in the Peachtree Room
11:30 AM Rise Again Ministries in the Chapel
12:00 PM Franklin Shower in the Heritage Room
3:00 PM New Life International Church
              in the Chapel

Growing in wisdom, strength, and His love.   Psalm 78:4
Save the date for March 26 as we have LUNCH BUNCH: Family Edition. We all are going to the Trampoline Park! More details to come!
Mark your calendar for March 17 - 19 as we have our DNOW Retreat. Cost is $75 per student. For more info, contact Taylor at TMason@Wieuca.org. Deadline is March 1.


Coseta Francis, Nan Keel,
Lindsey Sims, Lynda Rigsby and
Robert McClelland

Betty Wickstrom


Contact Pam at PJernigan@Wieuca.org to reserve flowers for the worship service.


Pay it Forward
For 17 years  Percy Ross wrote a newspaper column called “Thanks a Million” that he used as a platform to help others. He made his fortune and wanted to give most of it away. It is estimated that he gave away $20-30 million to assist people in need. His column ran in 800 publications and his syndicated radio program was aired on over 400 stations. One of the letters he received was from a man named Wilson Demarest:

“Dear Mister Percy Ross, You are so generous to help so many people. I am poor but I get bye. I don’t need money. I live under a bridge and it has a steam pipe under so I am warm in the winter. There is a diner close bye and dumster is always got food that trukers don’t eat. So I got every thing and don’t need money. But I see you in the papers and I think if I was rich like you I will help people too. The other day I helped some buddy and he gave me $20. That is nice but there is some buddy that needs it more that I do I’m shure. $20 make me rich so I share and try to help you to do good. Please give this $20 to some buddy that realy need it.”

The letter was quoted in an article in USA Today in September, 1992. Ross received an average of 12,000 letters each week, none of them offering to do what Wilson Demarest did.

What makes a person generous? You cannot demand generosity. Guilt and shame do not produce it. You find some other qualities that are companions to generosity – humility, joy, gratitude, compassion, kindness …

We were created to be blessed but also to bless, to receive but also to give. Since we are made in the image of our Creator, we are most like Him when we display generous spirits. Gordon MacDonald wrote: “Inside the soul of every Christian is a God-inspired desire for the generous life – a life tailored around His example of selflessness and sacrifice.”

Sometimes during the Lenten season people think about what they could give up. I heard a guy say he was going to give up Diet Coke during Lent. Impressive. I think there is more to our preparation for Holy Week and for Easter. Perhaps we need to be overwhelmed again by the generosity God displayed through His Son. Perhaps in our desire to be more like Him we could open our hearts a bit wider.

Easter Celebration at Wieuca on April 16 in the sanctuary. Our morning worship service will include the Ordinance of Baptism. If you are interested in participating, please contact the pastor’s office: mwilbanks@wieuca.org or pjernigan@wieuca.org.


February 2017           $87,669.62                     February 2016       $87,740.75
Other                        $284,012.74                     Other                                  .00
Total                         $371,682.36                     Total                       $87,740.75
Year to date 10/1/2016-2/28/2017 offerings        $1,444,724.10
Year to date 10/1/2015-2/28/2016 offerings           $684,319.44


Their registry can be found here: https://www.babylist.com/dudley-franklin
REFUGEE: As a part of our focus on Refugees we are partnering with JMA ministries, a ministry we began supporting last year. James, the founder, has been working diligently in Clarkston. One of their biggest needs are Bibles written in the native language of the people he is serving. The two languages we will be helping with is Burmese and Karenni. Our goal is to provide 150 bibles. Please come to the back of the Peachtree room to learn how you can help with this goal.

On March 19th we will be hosting a panel discussion at 9:30 AM on “Christian’s Response to Refugees.” This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the humanitarian crisis facing our world and how we can respond as Christians.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Join us on Saturdays thru April 29 (Not Easter weekend.) Sign up at Wieuca.org/IMPACT.


On Sunday, March 26th during our 11:00 morning worship service, we are honoring Jane Vlahos for her fifteen years of service in the Day School.


Saturday, March 18, 10 am.  Wieuca Heritage Room Learn more about the Williamsburg trip scheduled for December 2-7. The tour coordinator will be with us to answer questions. We'll also talk about future trips. Tell us where YOU would like to go!

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