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Dear <<First Name>>,

September’s coming to a close. We’re back from holiday, fired up from a good break, and full of zeal to get our business speeding towards our goal. We’re so going to make it WORK!

Are you feeling the same way?
No doubt about it, great content is the engine that powers up your marketing. But there’s a huge hullabaloo around this content marketing thing, isn’t there? Over 51 million results if you type it into the Google. 51 million! Crazy. And not that helpful.

What does it take to make this content thing work?

So what does it actually take to make this approach succeed? What are the moving parts that will get this powerful marketing engine firing for you on all cylinders?
It helps to take a good look under the bonnet.

Hard and soft - here are the elements you need make content work for your business.

The hard stuff

  • A well designed website
  • Clear positioning – why, who, how, what,
  • Sales content (20%) – service/product descriptions, case studies
  • Marketing content (80%) - valuable content: blog + library (stock and flow)
  • Distribution channels, including social media
  • Newsletter and opt-in email list (don't forget this one, it's key)
So those are the tangible mechanical moving parts, and they’re all essential to get content engine up and running. But mechanical elements alone won’t do the job. What fuels the engine?

The soft stuff

  • Empathy – a customer-centred approach to business, to communication and a real desire to make a difference
  • Generosity – willingness to share what you know
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm – for what you do as a business
  • Persistence – a long term view

It’s the soft stuff that’s the hard stuff

When it comes to your content marketing it’s the soft stuff that’s the hardest stuff to master.
Anyone can mechanically assemble the hard parts needed. It’s possible to buy a website and put together an email list, but that alone won’t make your marketing work.
It’s the soft stuff that makes the difference. Consistent generosity, empathy and curiosity help you connect with the right type of customers and build trust in your services. That’s what pulls in the leads and builds the community that supports what you do.

It takes people with the right attitude, beliefs and outlook to make this approach succeed. Far from fluffy, cultivate these qualities, recruit for them and put them to work. 
If you’ve got them already, then tune up the hard stuff. Make sure it’s designed with the soft stuff in mind. Get those moving parts right and take ACTION.

Want a handy checklist to see if you’re getting it right?  

We’re giving away a free content marketing analyser that will give you an overview of how you’re doing. Use the checklist to spot the gaps in your marketing mechanics. You’ll be able to recognise good content marketing and get into action.

Is your website set up for content marketing success? 
>> Email us if you’d like your free content marketing analyser
Any missing parts in your content marketing system? Do let us know.
See you next month

Sonja & Sharon
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September’s valuable content

Thanks to Andrea Howe - when it comes to relationships, the soft stuff really is the hard stuff
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