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                                 This week’s update features:                                 

- Clipsal Schneider Scholarship Program - Attend our Conference
- Have your Say - Membership Cards
- The All-Purpose Rate & Allowances

- What’s on around the States
- Change of Dates - Excellence Awards

Clipsal Schneider Scholarship Program - Your chance to Attend! 

If you have never attended a Master Electricians Conference before - this is your chance! 

Open to all Master Electrician Members who have not attended a prior Master Electricians Conference.

What the Scholarship/Conference pass includes:

  • Attend the dedicated Scholarship Program on 18-20 September 2018 in Adelaide
  • Flight and accommodation to Adelaide for a tour of the Schneider’ office
  • All Meals
  • Hear all about the latest technology in our industry
  • Meet other conference attendees and develop invaluable bonds
  • Meet Master Electricians staff
Plus, you'll attend the Master Electricians Conference in Hobart from 21-25 September 2018:
  • Double Delegate pass
  • Flights to Hobart
  • Accommodation in Hobart during the Conference
Available: Six double Scholarship Conference passes are available - one each for State.

How to Apply for the Scholarship: (it will take 5 minutes)
* T&C's apply 
Entries Closing Date: 30 June 2018

What is the "All-Purpose Rate" 

Under the Electrical Electronic and Communications Contract Award 2010, there are a number of ’all-purpose allowances’.

As the name suggests these allowances are used for all-purposes of wage calculation including:

  • overtime and penalty rates;
  • payment for periods of paid leave including annual leave, sick leave, and public holidays.


Determining the All-Purpose Rate

The award provides for all-purpose allowances in clause 17.2 and they include:

  • Industry allowance
  • Tool allowance
  • Electrician’s licence allowance
  • Leading hands allowance
  • Nominee allowance
  • Electrical distribution line maintenance and tree clearing allowance, and
  • Where the employee is responsible for ordering materials
Once the relevant allowances have been determined they are included in the all-purpose rate of pay. 

Types of Allowances

Industry Allowance

The industry allowance is a mandatory payment in compensation for disabilities associated with on-site work in the electrical industry; regardless of whether they are experiencing the conditions.

These include:

  • climatic conditions when working in the open on all types of work;
  • the physical disadvantage of having to climb stairs or ladders;
  • the disability of dust and fumes blowing in the wind, brick dust and drippings from newly poured concrete;
  • sloppy and muddy conditions associated with the initial stages of on-site construction work;
  • the disability of working on all types of scaffolding, excluding swing scaffolding; and/or
  • the lack of usual permanent amenities associated with factory work.

Tool Allowance

The tool allowance is paid to employees to cover the cost of maintaining an adequate kit of tools. This allowance only applies to apprentices and electrical workers at grade 5 and beyond or electrical workers installing or servicing television/radio/electronic equipment.
The allowance is mandatory for these classifications. The award does not provide a list of tools; however, an ‘adequate kit’ of tools can be determined by the employer and implemented through consultation with the relevant workers.
Note: ‘consumables’ such as drill bits, blades are not generally considered ‘tools’ for the purposes of this allowance payment.
Electrician's Licence Allowance

This allowance is payable to an electrical worker who is an electrical mechanic who holds (and in the course of their duties may be required to use) an unrestricted licence.
The electrician’s licence allowance is paid to an electrical worker grade 5 and above. Apprentices receive the relevant percentage of this amount. Grades 1-4 will not receive this allowance.
Note: not all electricians and apprentices will receive this licence allowance. Electricians or apprentices who hold, or are working towards, a restricted licence are not entitled to this payment. Examples of workers who hold a restricted licence include refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics.

All-purpose does not mean that the rate is inclusive of other award allowances - such as various travel allowances. Nor is it inclusive of overtime penalty rates. It is NOT a ‘flat rate’.
For more information about wages rates, access the member portal of our website to review your state's wage rates

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact our Workplace Relations Team on 1300 889 198.






EVENT: (**New**) 22 Jun, NSW Excellence Awards Breakfast
EVENT: 29 Jun, NSW Golf Day

EVENT: Coming Soon, Electrical Industry Forums (AS/NZS 3000)
TRAINING: All courses located in NSW/ACT





EVENT: 10 May, Adelaide Branch Meeting
EVENT: (**New**) 10 Aug, SA Excellence Awards Breakfast
EVENT:  9 Nov, SA Golf Day

EVENT: Coming Soon, Electrical Industry Forums (AS/NZS 3000)
TRAINING: All courses located in SA/NT



EVENT: 2 May, Launceston Branch Meeting
3 May, Ulverstone Branch Meeting
EVENT: 18 May, Melbourne Branch Meeting
EVENT: (**New**) 6 Jul, Victorian & Tasmanian Awards Breakfast

EVENT: Coming Soon, Electrical Industry Forums (AS/NZS 3000)
TRAINING: All courses located in VIC/TAS 



EVENT: Coming Soon, Electrical Industry Forums (AS/NZS 3000)
EVENT: 9 May, Perth Metro North Branch Meeting
EVENT: 10 May, Bunbury Branch Meeting
EVENT: Mar-May, Building Code of Australia – Free regional seminars in WA
EVENT: (**New**) 15 Jun, WA Awards Breakfast
TRAINING: All courses located in WA

2018 Master Electricians Excellence Awards

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