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At the end of my post “Time in a Bottle”, I promised a Timely Tip article, so here it is!

After thirty-two years of parenting (and thirty years of homeschooling, beginning with homeschooling my younger sister), we have learned a ton abut time management. Some of it we use every day. Other tips were used during certain seasons. And still others we use just occasionally. Here are “Five Timely Tips“ (in no certain order) that I hope will help parents find more time to train their children, love their children, play with their children, and just be WITH their children.

1. Attach things to things already in your schedule

Twenty-five years ago we were blessed to learn from an amazing family teacher, Gregg Harris. One of the things that he taught us that we began implementing immediately–and continue to use to this day–is the concept of attaching important things to things already in your schedule.

Mr. Harris said that our children (and we!) already eat three times a day; they already get up in the morning and go to bed at night. If we want to make something stick in our routines with them, attach that important activity (reading to them, devotions, talking together, etc.) to one of these “already-in-the-schedule-no-matter-what” activities). 

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Wondering Wednesday
Podcast Q & A:

What to Do With a Wonderful One Year Old 

Part II


In this episode, Donna Reish of Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar and Character Ink Publishing, answers our readers questions about training and enjoying one-year-old toddlers between the ages of twelve or fourteen months and twenty-four months.

In this Part II episode, Donna elaborates on ten potential goals for this age group, including, but not limited to; sleep training, highchair behavior, coming when called, eating meals, and getting out of dangerous things.


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How to Quietly Follow a Post On Facebook

People in Facebook groups can get pretty grouchy sometimes. And people in dieting FB groups are the worst of all!

One of the things that FB groupies get the most upset about (besides the obvious posting of a picture of your lunch with half a banana on the plate on low carb FB pages!) is that of people following a post by writing “Following” or placing * in the Comments Section. Wowsie…I have seen people come undone over this one (over the “Following” AND the half a banana!)

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For people who are trying to cut their carbohydrate intake, switch to a low-carb lifestyle, or follow the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) diet (or other lower carb/no sugar diets), cutting out sugar and either completely cutting most grains or greatly reducing them (and eating healthful ones such as brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and oat flour) are mandatory first steps.


However, when a person sets out on one of these healthful ways of eating (woe for short), she is often overwhelmed by the options/cooking methods, craving the sweets and carbs that she used to enjoy, and disappointed in many attempts to buy and use lower carb alternatives to flour and sugar (almond flour, coconut flour, stevia, erythritol, and more).

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CQLA Samples Are Up!

What Is CQLA?

Character Quality Language Arts, CQLA for short, is a language arts program that brings together all aspects of language arts (except for learning to read in lower grades and detailed, individual literature book studies in upper grades) in one place for students in grades two through twelve. It has all aspects of language arts woven throughout each weekly lesson, including copy work, vocabulary comprehension, spelling, editing, outlining, writing, grammar, usage, structural analysis, word studies, editing via checklists, dictation, and more. it is an all-in-one program that was written when author, Donna Reish, decided that each of the separate books her kids were using (spelling, vocabulary, grammar, editing, writing, etc.) should all be put into one program with all aspects of language arts flowing together instead of taught in a disjointed manner from multiple texts.  

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