A summary of writing, presentations, and media mentions from December 2018-January 2019
A Perfect Start, a memoir by Martha Grace Duncan (published in North Dakota Quarterly, and listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays of 2004), received first prize in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, for creative nonfiction. The contest is sponsored by the National League of American Pen Women. In addition to the cash prize, Duncan is invited to read from her work and receive the certificate and prize later this year at the San Francisco Civic Center. 
DudziakThe American Society for Legal History recently honored Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law Mary L. Dudziak with the establishment of The Mary L. Dudziak Digital Legal History Prize, which will be awarded for the first time later this year.
“The Dudziak Prize, named in honor of Mary L. Dudziak, a leading scholar of 20th century US legal history and international relations as well as a digital history pioneer, is awarded annually to an outstanding digital legal history project. These projects may take the form of either traditionally published peer reviewed scholarship or born-digital projects of equivalent depth and scope,” according to the ASLH site. Read more
Emory Law Professor Emeritus of Law Nat Gozansky received a 2018 CLEO Edge Founders Award on the occasion of the Council on Legal Education Opportunity’s 50th anniversary. Award winners included 150 individuals, law schools, and legal organizations, chosen from more than 600 nominations of persons, schools, and groups that have made a significant impact on diversifying the legal profession. Read more
A new bill sponsored by US Senator Cory Booker, drafted by Ani B. Satz, would end unethical and unnecessary testing on nonhuman primates. The New Jersey senator’s office contacted Satz to draft what would become the “Primate Protection and Research Modernization Act of 2018” after reading her opinion article on Volkswagen’s primate experiments. Read more

Rafael Domingo
Great Christian Jurists in French History (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019) (with Olivier Descamps)
Richard D. Freer
Complex Litigation (3rd ed., Carolina Academic Press 2019) (with E. Thomas Sullivan & Bradley G. Clary)
Epstein, Freer, Roberts, and Shepherd's Business Structures (5th ed., West Academic 2019) (with David G. Epstein, Michael J. Roberts & George B. Shepherd)

George B. Shepherd
Epstein, Freer, Roberts, and Shepherd's Business Structures (5th ed., West Academic 2019) (with David G. Epstein, Richard D. Freer & Michael J. Roberts)

John Witte Jr.
Church, State, and Family: Reconciling Traditional Teachings and Modern Liberties (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019)
Book Chapers
Silas Allard
Religious Kinesis: A Challenge to the Plenary Power Doctrine’s Anthropology of Stasis, in The Meaning of My Neighbor’s Faith: Interreligious Reflections on Migration (Laura Alexander & Alexander Wong eds., 2019)
John Witte Jr.
Afterword, in Leading Works in Law and Religion (Russell Sandberg ed., forthcoming 2019)
Harold J. Berman, in Great Christian Jurists in American History (Daniel L. Dreisbach & Mark A. Hall eds., forthcoming 2019)
Jurists as Good Christians: The Case of Johann Oldendorp, in Great Christian Jurists in German History (Mathias Schmoeckel ed., forthcoming 2019)
The Last American Establishment: Massachusetts, 1780-1833, in Religious Dissent and Disestablishment: Church-State Relations in the New American States, 1776-1833 (Carl H. Esbeck & Jonathan Den Hartog eds., forthcoming 2019) (with Justin Latterell)
The Political and Legal Legacy of the Sixteenth-Century Protestant Reformations, in T&T Clark Companion to Political Theology (Ruben Rosario-Rodriguez ed., forthcoming 2019)

The Reformation of Constitutionalism, in Christianity and Constitutionalism: An Introduction (Nicholas Aroney & Ian Leigh eds., forthcoming 2019)
Margo A. Bagley
Toward an Effective Indigenous Knowledge Protection Regime: Case Study of South Africa (policy paper No. 217, Centre for International Governance Innovation, 2018)
George S. Georgiev
Securities Disclosure as Soundbite: The Case of CEO Pay Ratios, 60 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2019)
Jonathan R. Nash
Aligning Incentives and Cost Allocation in Discovery 71 Vanderbilt Law Review 2015 (2018 symposium issue, ‘The Future of Discovery’) (with Joanna M. Shepherd)
Joanna M. Shepherd
Aligning Incentives and Cost Allocation in Discovery 71 Vanderbilt Law Review 2015 (2018 symposium issue, ‘The Future of Discovery’)  (with Jonathan R. Nash)
Frank J. Vandall  
Tincher Unmasked, 3 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Public Affairs 1 (2018)
John Witte Jr.
Between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King: James Pennington and the Struggle for ‘Sacred Human Rights’ Against Slavery, 31 Yale Journal of Law and Humanities (forthcoming 2019) (with Justin Latterell)
Church, State, and Sex Crimes: What Place for Traditional Sexual Morality in Modern Liberal Societies? Emory Law Journal (forthcoming 2019)
Faith in Strasbourg? Religious Freedom in the European Court of Human Rights, IDC Law Journal (forthcoming 2019)

Foreword, 33 Journal of Law and Religion (forthcoming 2019)

Laurie R. Blank
“Sieges, Evacuations and Urban Warfare: Thoughts from the Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict,” European Journal of International Law Joint Blog Series (January 17, 2019)
Rafael Domingo
“El Órdago Del Primer Rector" Journal: ABC (December 18, 2018)

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im
“Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im: On Human Rights, the Secular State and Sharia Today,” UNESCO Courier (January 31, 2019)

Mary L. Dudziak
“What Will History Books Say About 2018?” Politico (December 28, 2018)
“The Enduring Russian Propaganda Interests in Targeting African-Americans,” The New Yorker (December 21, 2018)
Timothy R. Holbrook
“Super Bowl to Souper Bowl: Atlanta Companies Tiptoe Around Legal Issue,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution (January 29, 2019)
"US Perspectives: US IP Law--Big Developments on the Horizon,” IP Watch (January 23, 2019)
“Zimmer, Stryker Set to Fight Over Huge Damages Award,” Bloomberg Law, IP Law, (December 3, 2018)
John Witte Jr.
"The Western Case for Monogamy Over Polygamy" New Books Network (January 15, 2019)

Margo A. Bagley
“Approaches to Resolving Benefit Sharing in Shared Traditional Knowledge: Experiences from South Africa,” at the 38th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in December 2018.
Deborah Dinner
“Sex in Public: Gender and Public Accommodations Law,” faculty workshop held at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, on January 28, 2019 (with Elizabeth Sepper)
Mary L. Dudziak
“Federal Agency Records: Who Decides What Is Kept?” at the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, held in Chicago, Illinois, on January 5, 2019 (panelist)
Martha Albertson Fineman
“Vulnerability and Bioethics,” keynote speech, at the “2019 Second Bioethics Conference on Minority Health and Health Disparities Research” held in Opelika, Alabama, (hosted by Tuskegee University, Morehouse School of Medicine and the University of Alabama at Birmingham) on January 23, 2019
Richard D. Freer
Freer delivered a series of four lectures on the American civil justice system at Moscow State University, Russia, during the week of September 10, 2018.
“Seven Decades of International Shoe: Justice Black Was Right, but for the Wrong Reason,” at “Blocking the Courthouse Door: Federal Civil Procedure Obstacles to Entry,” at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, in Sacramento, California, on November 2, 2018
Timothy R. Holbrook
“Extraterritorial Liability: Spotlight After WesternGeco,” Intellectual Property Owners Association IP Chat Channel Webinar, on January 17, 2019 (panelist)
Jonathan R. Nash
"Can and Should Courts Create Courts? Problems of Judicial Institutional Self-Design" faculty workshop held at George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law, on January 29, 2019
Teemu Ruskola
“The Jurisprudence of Freedom: We the Peoples' Supreme Court,” The O.P. Jindal Distinguished Lecture by Menaka Guruswamy, held at Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University, on December 4, 2018 (commentator)
Timothy P. Terrell
Full-day judicial opinion writing program for the Virginia appellate courts in Richmond, Virginia; 1.5-day legal writing program for the in-house legal department at Hewlett Packard Enterprises in Reston, Virginia; and, a 1.5 day judicial opinion writing program for the Fourth and Fifth Circuit Louisiana Courts of Appeal, in New Orleans, Louisiana; (all presented from December 2018-January 2019)
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