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Emma Plunkett Art
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Abstract Watercolours
With little idea of the outcome of what I want the paintings to be like and with my mind put to one side, I simply encourage the paintings to become a reality by enjoying the creative process. I work with lots of clean bright colours, which when viewed, help to warm up these winter days, if you are in the northern hemisphere that is.
abstract painting, bright colours
Wild Goat
A2 Watercolour: I know where to look for and watch out for the wild goats of Andalusia. Seeing them roam free is always such a treat.
Sunny Fields
A2 Watercolour: The light in Andalusia is intensely bright and reliable so, as illustrated in this painting.
These two paintings mirror a similar colour pallet and have comparable details. On closer inspections there are layers of colourful intricate brush marks building into unidentifiable shapes and patterns. This combination creates the unique look and feel of the paintings and the longer you observe, the more these abstracts come alive, which is relaxing for the spirit. 

What I see in these paintings is the Andalusian landscape, with rows of plants describing the facets and terrains of the mountains and valleys.
Love Emma
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