Newsletter: Fall/Winter 2016
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Scott, Sofía, and Lucy Jackson - Serving in Córdoba, Argentina
William Carey Seminary - Training future leaders, pastors, and missionaries
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For this newsletter I would like to give you an update using a "photo story" style - each of the pictures below represents a facet of what our life and ministry is about here in Argentina. Below each photo is the story behind the picture. Enjoy! 
Story 1:
The young man on the far left is Nicolás Olivera, a student of Seminario Carey. Here, you see him in his main area of service, which is to a community of Bolivians who work in tough labor making bricks. These families live in some of the poorest conditions, putting together their houses with mud, cardboard, and plastic and wood that they can recover from trash piles. Nicolás and others he serves with lead activities such as Bible studies, songs, tutoring, and health check-ups. Learn about other Seminary students by visiting the Carey Students website, or the Carey Students Facebook page.
Story 2:
Occasionally I serve my local church Centro Crecer by preaching at the various satellite churches planted over the past few years. These new church plants are small compared to many churches in the USA, but have been growing since they were started. One is in the far north of Argentina, in a town called Cachi. The others are located in the province of Córdoba in the towns of Saldán, Malvinas, Jesús María, and La Rinconada (this last one is in a very rural area where there is no running water. I've gone down to the well to draw water myself! Some families have containers for catching rain attached to their homes.) For more about what is going on in La Rinconada, check out this video: 
Ministry in La Rinconada
Story 3:
We had a graduation seminary for 3 of our students in October. Here, Aníbal Laguzzi is receiving his degree. Aníbal is a Pediatrician and serves in his local church in Buenos Aires. Also in the picture are myself, Sam Masters, and Juan Leyton - we all work together to make the Seminary run and move forward. The graduation ceremony was held during our biggest annual event, our theological conference. This year our topic was Biblical Counseling and the main speaker was David Barceló, from Barcelona, Spain. Over 200 leaders and pastors attended from all over Argentina, as well as some other countries. Here are a couple more pictures from the conference:
Some of the conference attendees pose for a photo
David Barceló giving one of his 7 talks on Biblical Counseling
During the conference we had a breakfast with students of the Seminary, and several of them talked about their testimony and what they were doing in the area they live.
Story 4:
In late September I attended a conference in order to gain further knowledge dealing with how to go about doing theological education with excellence. It was put on by AETAL, which is the Evangelical Association of Theological Education in Latin America. Over 80 people attended from many different institutions to hear various talks on how theological education can make an impact on an individual, in the community, in missions movements, and more. It was good to "rub shoulders" with others who do the same job as I do and see the different institutions represented, both large and small schools and every where in-between. The conference was held in Quito, Ecuador. Oh, can you find me in the picture?
Story 5:
Family life: Lucy is in great health and continues to bring great joy to our home. She is speaking quite a bit of both Spanish and English, the other day she was teaching her cousin Delfina how to say some words in English. She likes arts and crafts and books. In Argentina the school system starts the kids at age 3, so we are already looking into schools for next school year (here the school year runs from March to December, so next March she will start school). She has friends at church (picture above) and another friend she likes visiting is Malena (pictured in the bottom photo), who is the daughter of the owners of a coffee and ice cream shop which opened up just across the street!

Sofi continues to be busy with translation projects. Sometimes she gets offered jobs that she cannot take because she is already full. Her biggest project, translating the notes of a Study Bible, has been going on now for over 1.5 years. Fortunately she can work from home and be somewhat flexible with her hours.
Thank you! All of these stories would not be possible without you.

Scott, Sofía, and Lucy Jackson
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