Newsletter: October 2013
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What would your city look like if there were no police?

Unfortunately in Córdoba we found out the answer to that question just 2 days ago. 

It seemed for me to be a typical day in the city. After finishing work, my wife and I decided to join up with a friend for a movie.  We bought tickets to the show early, went to eat at the food court, and then when we tried to enter the theater, we knew something wasn´t right.  They were refunding everyone´s tickets, and we were told to leave the mall as soon as possible as the whole mall was being shut down.
We then got in the car, turned on the radio and found out that the police had gone on strike, leaving the streets free of any governmental control.
Many people fled to the streets, causing riots, looting, and plundering.  
Small "gangs" of motorcycles would show up at any retail shop, use force to break in, and then basically took whatever they wanted.  Many young people were seen carrying away beer, wine, and other liquors.  Some were hurt, and one death has been confirmed.
Fortunately, none of our friends and family were harmed, and now things have settled back down as the government reached a deal for the pay of the police.
I have included some pictures, but here are some interesting links with images of the day:


Cachi Mission Trip

From January 25th to February 4th I will be leading a trip to Cachi, a town in the province of Salta, about 14 hours away by car.

After a need in this town was assessed, our church sent Marcelo Brondo and his family to Cachi with the goal of starting a new church in There.  Our goal for the trip in February is to put on activities for the children and youth, visit surrounding villages, and begin construction on a radio tower.

(Marcelo Brondo in Cachi)

The Argentines going on the trip will be responsible for paying for the necessities such as transportation and food.  There are additional costs for activity supplies and building materials.  I am trying to raise 1,000 Dollars to help cover the additional costs. Would you consider giving a one-time donation of between 100 and 250 dollars to help pay for the additional costs? Click on the following link and select Scott and Sofi Jackson in the drop down menu.

Thank you!

Scott and Sofía Jackson

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