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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Register Now for Obesity Day 2021

Registration is now open for the GA-ASMBS Obesity Day to be held on Friday, August 13, 2021.  We are returning in person to the beautiful King and Prince Beach Resort on St. Simons Island. 
Obesity Day is held in conjunction with the Georgia Society of the American College of Surgeons Meeting. What a great value: 2 meetings in one!
Click here to register.
Click here to make room reservations.
Click here to see the agenda for Obesity Day.
Click here for the GSACS Annual Meeting Agenda.

Committee Updates

Membership content -

  1. A facebook page for the chapter was started last year.  We would like to encourage members and nonmembers to join the page.  This would help keep everyone informed and keep the state chapter visible on social media.
  2. Brainstorming on additional ways to increase membership - at last quarterly meeting explored allowing practices to list their name and website on our GAASMBS homepage for a nominal fee or to start a state journal club.
  3. Reach out to Dr.Vaughn ( or Dr. Jean-Pierre ( with any suggestions for the membership committee.

Education Content -

The committee is reaching out to the active GA-ASMBS chapter membership about hosting educational events and providing resources for patients, surgeons, and other healthcare providers across this upcoming year.  There will be more to come via email communications and our Facebook site. We encourage everyone to sign up for the state chapter Facebook group if you have not already done so which can be found here.

If you have any ideas for educational topics or other ideas you would like covered please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns going forward.  We are aiming to host our first patient education event this year toward the latter part of the summer vs. early fall.

Thank you for supporting the GA-ASMBS Education Committee!!

ASMBS Schedule of Events

Our Georgia state chapter members have been busy preparing for the upcoming ASMBS Annual Conference. Support our members by signing into their events!

IH Member Update

Did you know? IH member dues are now $35! Join today. IH members have the chance to collaborate and network.

“5 Minutes With”

Welcome to “5 Minutes with SHANEETA JOHNSON,” our ASMBS Georgia State Chapter President. Sit fireside with Dr. Johnson as she shares some personal tidbits.

What is your name?
Shaneeta Johnson, MD, MBA, FACS, FASMBS, ABOM

Who are you affiliated with?
Morehouse School of Medicine

Where are you from?
I was born in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas!

What is one goal you have for the chapter?
The priority goal for the chapter is to expand and be the comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals, patients, and community members interested in learning about obesity and obesity treatment in Georgia.

What is the best member benefit of joining the state chapter?
The state chapter comprises a collaborative group of individuals who are passionate about the treatment of obesity. Within the chapter, you will be immersed in education and advocacy for obesity, obesity coverage, and patient care. The interaction with similarly minded people from around the state is engaging.

Why did you join the state chapter?
I joined the state chapter to advance education and advocacy regarding obesity care in the state of Georgia.

How do you like to spend your time away from work?
With family and in the water!

Fun fact about you that most people probably wouldn't know (we are all friends here)
I learned to play the steel drums in medical school.

Favorite place to travel
Bahamas or Greece

Tell us about your family
I spend a significant amount of time with my extended family including my beautiful nieces and nephew.
Favorite song. Extra points if you share what you listen to in the OR.
Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli

Why did you decide to work in bariatrics?
There are very few areas of medicine that allow you to make such a dramatic change in a persons health and quality of life as bariatric surgery. I never tire of patients who are excited at their improvements in health, remission of diabetes, resolution of hypertension, removal of CPAP machines and years of quality life added to their lifespan!

Where is your happy place? Why?
My zen place is in the ocean. In Georgia, I satisfy that with regular visits to the Georgia Aquarium where I have held an annual membership for the past 10 years!

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