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WSHIMA Member News

August 20, 2021

Inside this Issue:
WSHIMA Members Share Telehealth Experiences

WSHIMA Members Share Telehealth Experiences

There is no doubt we have done a lot of pivoting in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we were nudged in new directions personally and professionally and burgeoning services prior to the pandemic have now become much more mainstream. A recent WSHIMA member pulse poll asking members to share their feedback about telehealth experiences.Read an article that summarizes what they had to say. 

Recognizing Long-Time WSHIMA Members

Recognizing Long-Time WSHIMA Members

WSHIMA has many members who have supported the organization throughout their careers.   We recognize five of the longest time members below.  Thank you for your support!

  • Joanne Genshock, 45 years
  • Madonna Coorough, 45 years
  • Cindi Nelson, 44 years
  • Margaret Gambill, 44 years
  • Teresa Stallman, 44 years
Congratulation to New Credential Holders

Congratulations to New Credential Holders

  • Ashley Carey, RHIT, CCS
  • Mariana Zberea, RHIT
  • Kristeen Gomez, RHIT
  • Elizet Reinhart, RHIA
  • Elaine Ahmed, RHIT
  • Alicia Larson, CCA
  • Danielle Ramsey, CCA
  • Molly Werder, RHIA
  • Aemee Green, RHIT
  • Meridith Winterfeld, CCA
  • Linda Harrison, CCA
  • Jonathon Williams, CCA        
Get Certified

Get Certified

AHIMA credentials are proof of a robust education and an ongoing commitment to staying relevant in a complex and evolving space.  Future-proof your career with AHIMA credentials. 
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Member Connections Mix 'n' Mingle

Member Connections Mix 'n' Mingle – September 22
at 5:30 PM

Mark your calendar for the next member-only Mix 'n' Mingle on September 22 (free event).  Members will get to mix and mingle with other members in rotating breakout sessions during the session.  
Register Now
Stop by to say hi and meet some other members!

Don’t Forget to Volunteer

Volunteering with WSHIMA is a great way to meet other members while supporting your state professional association.   Current volunteer needs on the Membership Committee include the following:
  • Education Email Newsletter Coordinator – contact CAHIIM accredited colleges and universities to get updates on programs and coordinate other content for the education email newsletter.  Time estimate: 3-4 hours per month, 2x per year.  
  • Interviewer – interview members regarding industry hot topics.  Time estimate:  2-4 hours per month
  • Writer – member profiles, articles for Member News email communication.  Time estimate: 1-2 hours per month
To learn more or apply, visit the WSHIMA Volunteer page
WSHIMA Member Benefits

WSHIMA Member Benefits

Through WSHIMA you can participate in many benefits and activities, including:
Stay Connected

Make Sure to Stay Connected

To ensure you are receiving the latest information from AHIMA/WSHIMA, make sure we have your current email address on file.   To view your current information or make updates, visit MyAHIMA, then click Profile Management, and update Contact Information (see right menu).  Much of the information shared today is via email, so it is important to ensure your email address is current so we can stay connected.
Please Share Your Feedback

Please Share Your Feedback

Any suggestions or feedback on our member news email communications?   Want to volunteer for a member profile?
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