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February 2020

President's Message

In last month’s message, I discussed AHIMA’s 2020-2023 short and long term goals to support the organization’s new mission and vision statements. I also mentioned the three strategic outcomes AHIMA created to accomplish its vision:

Strategic Outcome 1 – Advance and advocate for the creation and use of trusted information across the evolving health continuum.
Strategic Outcome 2 – Share the health information profession by growing the influence and competitiveness for health information skillsets.
Strategic Outcome 3 – Drive strategic transformation and renewed growth as a great partner and place to work.

AHIMA developed multi-year strategies to reach these outcomes. These strategies provide guidance to HIM professionals on how their work fits into accomplishing the organization’s mission and vision. This month I will discuss strategic outcome 1 in more detail.

Strategic outcome 1 focuses on AHIMA’s future role as a thought leader, legislative and regulatory authority, and among the health care industry leaders advancing the way accurate and quality information is created, stored, protected, accessed, and used to improve care across all care settings of the health continuum.

The multi-year strategies to reach this outcome are to define and implement an organization-wide thought leadership strategy to advance AHIMA’s brand in market-driven focus areas; and to adopt, develop, and deliver content to meet the needs of our audiences using a content-first, product-second approach.

This outcome will push AHIMA to the forefront of how information is used to transform health and healthcare. AHIMA’s vision is to lead the conversation on set key issues and drive a proactive point of view on emerging topics. Thought leadership will extend beyond the U.S. into key international markets. Advocacy will play a major role in this strategic outcome in moving AHIMA forward as the authority on health information.

Having a content-first thought leadership strategy unifies AHIMA’s content, channels, and products around impact areas that matter most to our profession and audiences.

To realize strategic outcome 1, AHIMA must maintain an unrelenting focus on members and market needs. Ideas, innovations, and solutions must be at the forefront of the health care industry and audiences’ needs. Staying focuses on advocacy and leadership on regulatory issues related to our impact areas also plays are vital role in reaching this outcome.

In support of outcome 1, AHIMA has defined three impact areas to advance our thought leadership and expertise across healthcare:

Integrity - Advancing the knowledgeable, contextual, secure, and appropriate creation and use of health data and leads industry conversations on innovative ways to ensure integrity.
Connection - Facilitate the optimal sharing of data between providers, consumers, health information networks, and health plans through technology-enabled, secure access to electronic health information.
Access – Guide the health care industry toward the most effective policies and practices to balance the ever-evolving need for appropriate access to protected health information by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and security of protected health information.

AHIMA as well as HIM professionals play a vital role in accomplishing strategic outcome 1. Modeling what it takes to accomplish this outcome, our advocacy work, transformational leadership, and the work we do in our workplace plays a vital role.

In my next message, I will cover strategic outcome 2.

Laura Collins, MSHCM, RHIA, CHPS

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LHIMA Board Election Congratulations

The results are in! We would like to congratulate these two members on their new roles:

President-Elect – John Barrilleaux, MME, RHIA
Secretary/Treasurer – Marissa Lajaunie, MBA, RHIA

Thank you for serving LHIMA. We look forward to a great year with you!

GNOHIMA February Newsletter

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Learn About the Information Blocking Final Rule;
Aligning Governance, Risk, and Compliance Through Preventric

For more than 100 years, physicians have relied on the systolic and diastolic pressures measured with a brachial blood pressure cuff to manage blood pressure. BPro® technology enables physicians to measure 24-hour BP, non-invasive central blood pressure (NcBP), the central arterial pressure waveform, central aortic pressures, and pulse wave velocity.

Central arterial pressure waveform analysis, as measured by the Preventric system, provides clinicians with better prognostic and diagnostic information to target interventions—effects that are not detected with standard brachial blood pressure measurement alone. Hundreds of studies show that central blood pressure is the most sensitive guide for precise, personalized hypertension medication management.

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Hospitals, Clinics Most Likely to Be Hit with Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are of growing concern to a number of sectors, but can be especially difficult for healthcare organizations that require access to records to treat patients. In the newest study, researchers determined the downtime caused by an attack could last months.

Hospitals continue to have high vulnerability. A recent Moody's report noted cyberattacks against the hospitals sector "will continue to evolve" and warned smaller facilities are especially at risk given their lack of resources. Just a bit more than 5% of hospital IT budgets are earmarked for cybersecurity, Moody's said.

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New CCS Exam to Launch on May 1, 2020

AHIMA has announced that the new Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certification examination will be available starting May 1, 2020. The new CCS exam features a revised “content outline blueprint” and scoring. The blueprint was developed by AHIMA based on job task analyses conducted in 2019.

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Azar: 'Scare Tactics' Won't Stall Interoperability Rules

HHS Secretary Alex Azar on Monday voiced frustration over stakeholders who are "fiercely" pushing back against the department's proposed interoperability rules.

"Health records today are stored in a segmented, balkanized system," Azar said during keynote remarks at the 2020 annual meeting of the department's Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in Washington, D.C. "Unfortunately, some are defending the balkanized, outdated status quo and fighting our proposals fiercely.

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