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PEC Part 2:  What are the Professional Enhancement Campaign Talking Points? 

Submitted by Denise French, MS, RHIA, FAHIMA- PHIMA President and Stephanie Donovan, EdD, RHIA-PHIMA President-Elect

Last week, we introduced you to the Professional Enhancement Campaign, also known as the PEC, a branding tool that builds on three core principles:      
  1. We are Empathetic
  2. We are Optimistic   
  3. We Demonstrate Fortitude
So how does this translate into new talking points? The New PEC toolkit, which is available on the AHIMA Engage Membership & Business Community, has the complete set of talking points for healthcare, health information, AHIMA, AHIMA-certified Health Information Professionals and more. We have outlined a few here.  

On Healthcare:  

Today, healthcare has grown beyond its traditional and established silos, ever-changing and constantly evolving. Healthcare is now everywhere; we wear it on our wrists, collect it on our phones, and engage with it in our homes and workplaces. Advancements in the healthcare space continue to surpass our expectations because they are driven by a properly-managed foundation of health information. AHIMA and the professionals we serve work to ensure that tomorrow’s healthcare will be even more connected, more accurate, more innovative, and more extraordinary than ever before.
  • Healthcare and health information are everywhere.
  • Health information is critical to healthcare evolution.

On Health Information:

Health information is complex, nuanced, and ever-changing. An electronic signifier of identity, its integrity is as essential as a fingerprint, or social security number. The data that comes with every healthcare experience—every conversation, knee tap, and blood draw—generates essential information that can significantly impact our personal and collective wellbeing. 
  • Health information is human information.
  • Health information impacts wellbeing.

On AHIMA-Certified Health Information Professionals: 

AHIMA-Certified Health Information Professionals keep health information human. As leaders at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business, we possess a uniquely comprehensive view of a resource that is critical to meaningful health innovation. The accuracy, protection, and accessibility of health information remains our priority as the definition of healthcare continues to evolve. Our AHIMA credentials serve as a mark of confidence for the organizations we steer and the patients we serve, proving our expertise in an ever-transforming space.
  • AHIMA-certified professionals keep health information human.
  • AHIMA-certified professionals are leaders at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business.
Stay tuned for the last of this three part series: How can we as HIM Professionals adopt these principals personally and in our work environments?  
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