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PHIMA e-Alert

December 18, 2020

Inside this Issue:

The ’38 Society Update

Based on the generosity of the PHIMA members, we have raised $1550 in the past few weeks for The ’38 Society. These funds will support PHIMA educational initiatives and the scholarship fund for 2021. 
The raffle prizes are gift card donations from our generous local regions and some free registrations for meetings from PHIMA. Members who donated received a different number of entries based on the level in which they choose to donate in. 
The winners are:
  • Laurine Johnson - $50 gift card
  • Wannetta Edwards - $50 gift card
  • Laura Rizzo – Free PHIMA Webinar Registration
  • Theresa Jones – Free PHIMA Fall Conference Registration
  • Valerie Watzlaf - $100 gift card
  • Wannetta Edwards - $250 gift card
  • Valerie Watzlaf - $200 gift card
  • Mary Tunney – Free PHIMA Annual Conference Registration
However, The ’38 Society is not specific to a campaign or any timeframe. Members can donate to this great fund at any time. We appreciate all of you that donated and those that have contributed in the past and will contribute in the future and look forward to hopefully continuing our traditional raffle at next year’s Annual Conference.
Lauren Blough and Michele Maier
PHIMA 1st and 2nd Year Directors 
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