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PHIMA e-Alert

October 23, 2020

Inside this Issue:

PEC Part 3:  The Professional Enhancement Campaign Toolkit

In this e-Alert, we explore how to use the Professional Enhancement Campaign (PEC) Toolkit to describe what we do for a living, the value health information professionals bring to healthcare organizations, and how health information professionals impact consumers and their care as patients.  
As we think about applying the PEC Toolkit, perhaps we begin by envisioning how the talking points and terminology can elevate our personal and organizational brands.

Personal Brand

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • The PEC Toolkit offers expanded terminology for empathy, optimism, and fortitude, which may help those of us who are refreshing a resume/CV.
  • LinkedIn Profile
    • How strong is your LinkedIn profile? Did you know that LinkedIn provides a summary of your profile strength? If you do not have a profile, LinkedIn will suggest one for you. Refine your profile with language from the PEC Toolkit that resonates with you.
  • Social Media Posts
    • According to Twitter, “People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter search.” 
    • Are there keywords in the PEC Toolkit that you value as hashtag worthy? 

Organization Brand

  • Web Sites and Landing Pages
    • Now is a great time to consult with your institution’s marketing department to recommend updated language to websites and landing pages.   
    • Does the existing language adequately convey the value health information professionals bring to their healthcare organizations, and how health information professionals impact consumers and their care as patients? If not, consider adopting the Talking Points in the PEC Toolkit.  
  • Department Culture 
    • What are the guiding principles that shape our underlying values and behaviors at the department-level?  Might the PEC Toolkit help inform how we interact with consumers, patients, and each other?
Have you already used the PEC Toolkit to refine your personal or organization’s brand?  Please consider sharing your experience implementing AHIMAs Professional Enhancement Campaign on the PHIMA Engage Site.  

Save the Date -
PHIMA Town Hall

Mark your calendar for our first ever PHIMA town hall. Join us over lunch on Wednesday, October 28th at noon, where we will provide an update of the 2020 AHIMA House of Delegates meeting, review the membership survey responses, and provide an update on our PHIMA strategic plan.
The meeting link is available on the Pennsylvania Engage site or you can email us at for access information. 
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