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eNews November/December 2021

Issue 66– November/December 2021

Inside this Issue:

President’s Message

The first quarterly educational session was held on October 29, 2021.  Thank you to all the speakers and to the committee chairs Ryan Marnen and Carlene Hess. There was a lot of great information. Well done!  If you missed the session you can purchase the on-demand version and earn CEUs.  The distinguished student awards were also presented at the meeting.  Congratulations to River Schroeder from the Community College of Baltimore County, Cordelia Ewa from Baltimore City Community College, Stephanie Fuller, RHIT from Montgomery College and Anthonia Okeke, RHIA from Coppin State University.  Please see the public relations report to learn a little more about these recipients.

AHIMA Spotlight: Two areas of focus include the new strategic framework for the AHIMA Foundation and student engagement. The first area is the AHIMA foundation. There is a short 2-minute video on the foundation website that discusses the new framework.  I encourage you to click here and watch the video.

The second area is student engagement.  I encourage any student enrolled in a health information program to consider joining AHIMA.  As a student member, some benefits include the Journal of AHIMA, CSA membership, Access online communities, Career Assist (which includes the job bank), career fairs, assistance with your resume and so much more.  Check out student membership at I look forward to you becoming a member of MdHIMA.  To non-members who hold a credential and are not presently members…we extend an invitation for you to consider joining AHIMA and MdHIMA.

One way students and new members can get involved is by joining a committee.  This means following the call to be a volunteer.  The definition of volunteerism is the principle of donating time and energy for the benefit of other people in the community as a social responsibility rather than for any financial reward.  MdHIMA is based on the principle of volunteerism.  The MdHIMA board is actively working on your behalf however we need members to get involved.  During my incoming address, I asked you to consider volunteering.  I am asking again for you to review your commitments and see where you can get involved.  The association needs volunteers at all levels as committee members, co-chairs, treasurer, or as candidates on the upcoming ballot.  I urge you to reflect on how you can get involved.  If you have specific questions, any committee or board member would be happy to talk with you.  The reward for volunteering is immense.  Please see the volunteer tab on the MdHIMA web page or email at

Stay Safe.

Brenda Watson RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CRC, CPMA
Approved AHIMA ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer and AAPC Approved Instructor
President MdHIMA 2021-22

A Day in the Life Of...

In 2022 MDHIMA members will elect a President-elect, Secretary, Delegate, Director and recommend a member to run for AHIMA Nominating Committee.  Often members are hesitant to run for office because they are uncertain if they will be able to meet the responsibilities and the time commitments.  The Nominating Committee asked current officers to explain why they decided to run for office, what their day-to-day responsibilities are and what advice they can pass on.  If you are not ready to run for office, we encourage you to volunteer to serve on a committee to become more familiar with the operations of the MDHIMA board and the elected offices. 

Click on this Link to Complete the Nomination Form

A Day in the Life of the President – by Brenda Watson

The position of president is a three year commitment and is achieved by being elected as the MdHIMA President-elect. Once elected, the first year is President-Elect. This allows you time to learn and prepare for serving as President during the second year. Finally, the President remains on the Board as Past-President after stepping down.

Primary Duties
Primary duties: Appoints and directs activities of all committees, directs activities of MdHIMA officers and the board, presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership, writes the President’s message for the MdHIMA newsletter, serves as a Delegate to the AHIMA House of Delegates and Attends AHIMA’s Leadership Symposium and Hill Day.

Why did I run for President/ President- Elect: I have always valued volunteering both professionally and personally.  I wanted to be a part of the development, vision, and growth of MdHIMA.  I have previously served as secretary and then as chair and co-chair of the Data Quality/ CDI committee and wanted to expand and influence other students and members to get involved.  There truly is something for everyone depending on how much time you want to commit.  This past year the association has had to try different ways to stay engaged, from Happy Hours to virtual meetings including advocacy.  There is so much activity at the national level therefore we are working on increasing the social media footprint. Your fellow collaborators will teach you so much about how to be a better leader that you will experience personal growth you couldn’t imagine.  What I enjoy the most about being on the board is development of friendships.  The most challenging part of this role is the time commitment and balancing work, home, and volunteering.  I do not regret volunteering and I hope I am able to inspire some students or members to get involved.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Organizes and plans a transitional board meeting
  • Sets a board meeting schedule
  • Works with President-Elect on the finance committee and setting annual budget
  • As needed reviews and updates the strategic plan other members include President-Elect,  Secretary, Treasurer, Director, Delegate
  • Directs organizational plan
  • Promotes advocacy and ethical integrity
  • Promotes the image of MdHIMA
  • Serves as the primary liaison between MdHIMA and AHIMA
  • Serves as one of the delegates
  • Sets the monthly board agenda
  • Coaches President-Elect and helps prepare them for assuming the role of President
  • Appoints or seeks volunteers to be chair and co-chairs of the committees
  • Communicates regularly with MdHIMA membership through quarterly business meetings, newsletter articles website, eblasts and social media
  • Prepares the Annual Report and presents the annual report during the annual meeting
  • Recognizes members volunteer effort
  • Assists with MdHIMA awards & scholarships
  • Attend AHIMA Leadership Symposium and Advocacy Hill Day
  • Attend AHIMA Convention and House of Delegates meetings
  • Notify nominees of election results
  • Preside over MdHIMA Annual Meeting

A Day in the Life of the President-elect –by Dr. Irby Hunter

Serving as the President-elect and Finance Committee Chair is a very rewarding experience.  The President-elect becomes the ultimate brand ambassador, working closely with the most qualified and experienced health information professionals in the country.  You can network with providers, politicians, and industry leaders.  You will remain on top of current events impacting the national scene in health information.  Your knowledge of parliamentary procedures is deeply sharpened by participating in the governance of this high functioning component state association.  Most importantly you are provided with a rich opportunity to serve on behalf of your colleagues in the health information community ensuring the ongoing success of our amazing discipline.


  • Annually attend AHIMA’s National Conference
  • Annually attend AHIMA’s AOE/FDI
  • Monthly participate in the MdHIMA Executive Board Meetings
  • Monthly lead the MdHIIMA Finance Committee Meetings
  • Monthly attend AHIMA’s House of Delegate Meetings
  • Biweekly participate MdHIMA operations and strategy meetings with the President
  • Biweekly participate in the Annual Meeting Planning Committee Meetings

A Day in the Life of the MDHIMA Secretary – by Jackie Stanfield

I ran for the position because I enjoyed 5 years of being a Secretary at 3 other organizations and wanted to be of service to MDHIMA.  I spend most of my time attending meetings virtually or in person, submitting meeting minutes by the required time and accurately documenting, saving and/or distributing information.  The most important activity I do to ensure that I meet the objectives and goals of my role is to periodically refer to the MDHIMA Procedure Manual and/or contact the President to clarify information.  I also double check typed information before distributing and ask questions and request help, if needed.  I love volunteering and working with others the most.  There is nothing I dislike about this role.  I enjoy all activities of serving on the board because my service helps and serves the operations of AHIMA and/or MDHIMA.  Being Secretary includes a responsibility to attend the MDHIMA Board & Quarterly Business Meetings, accurate typing and submission of documents at the time requested.  To be effective in this role I advise you to make arrangements to attend all board meetings and to create a schedule for yourself to type and review minutes prior to distribution to the President and the board.  The most challenging part of being Secretary is ensuring that all information has been accurately and completely documented.

A Day in the Life of a Delegate – by Aerian Tatum

I ran for the position of AHIMA Delegate because I aspired to be a part of a member forum for membership and professional issues.  Most of my time is spent representing my state to establish and maintain professional standards of the membership. The most important activity I do to ensure that I am meeting the goals and objectives of this role is advocating for the members and the profession while gaining knowledge on issues that face health information professionals. I enjoy communicating those issues to the membership as well as further understanding the Delegate role and duties.  I attend House of Delegates, summer and winter Leadership Symposiums, as well as other meetings when they are called. I work with the two other delegates to submit articles to eNewsletter regarding the Symposiums and report to the Board of Directors about these events. We also work together to submit the Delegates' report for the MdHIMA Annual Report.

A Day in the Life of a Director – by Norma Stockton

I ran for Director because I enjoy working to advance our profession and our professionals.  Much of my time is spent assisting in the Annual Meeting preparation.  I enjoy locating speakers because I know that the topics are one of the major factors influencing how many of our members will attend.  I look forward to input from our membership to obtain speakers that are in line with their needs and interests.  Being a voting member on the board allows me to have input on issues that affect our members and hopefully enriches their membership.  Please consider running for Director of MdHIMA.  It is a great way to use your voice and to work with great people.  It is very rewarding to know you are making a difference. 

A Day in the Life of a Member of the AHIMA Nominating Committee – by Mona Calhoun

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the AHIMA Nominating Committee.  I recommend anyone who wants to become more familiar with the AHIMA Board roles and the affiliate groups CCHIM and CEE to consider being nominated to serve as Maryland’s representative.  I have also been able to meet and get to know members from other states.

How it works – Each year the CSAs in AHIMA alternate nominating one of their members to be added to the slate for the AHIMA Nominating Committee.  States eligible to nominate a member in even years are Alabama-Missouri and states eligible in odd years are Montana-Wyoming.   In 2022, Maryland will be able to submit a name.  Members who complete a MDHIMA Nominating form to be considered to serve on the AHIMA Nominating Committee will be reviewed and voted on by the MDHIMA board. The member who is selected will be submitted to AHIMA.  The member will need to complete an AHIMA application to run for the position, send a resume, highlighting their volunteerism and answer some questions related to the role of serving on the Nominating Committee. 


Responsibilities of the AHIMA Nominating Committee – It is a 2-year term, and the committee meets monthly to review all applications and identify candidates to add to the ballot for AHIMA’s Board of Directors, Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM), and the Council for Excellence in Education (CEE), the Speaker of the House of Delegates, and the Nominating Committee.


Qualifications to serve on the AHIMA Nominating Committee – A member interested in being considered to serve on the AHIMA Nominating Committee must have served on the MDHIMA Board of Directors in an elected position, and the term has ended.  The member must adhere to the AHIMA Code of Ethics and be familiar with HI professionals throughout the country.  Additional preferred qualifications are having served on another organization’s national or state Board of Directors (American Hospital Association, AAPC, HIMSS, Red Cross, etc.).

Advocacy Committee Report

Advocacy Committee Report


H. R. 861- End Surprise Billing Act of 2019

The End Surprise Billing Act which requires hospitals as a condition of participation in the Medicare program to provide a notice of their estimated out-of-pocket cost at least 24 hours prior to providing those services was signed into law on December 27, 2020, as a part of the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 and is slated to take effect on January 1, 2022, has received extensive push back from many insurance groups, CMS, and hospitals.

These groups are asking for a delay in the implementation date of January 1, 2022. Some groups are saying it is too soon for plans to determine qualifying payment amounts to out-of-network providers- the amount paid to providers who are not in-network but are providing care at in-network facilities.  Upcoming final rules are due in the next months and are expected to provide more details on the independent dispute resolution process.

CMS Administration Chiquita Brooks-LaSure has stated they are requiring lead in time to train staff at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services on new policies and procedures related to surprise billing protections. Bruce S. Sigel President / CEO of America’s Essential Hospitals expressed concerns that US hospitals are overrun with COVID-19 patients due to the delta variant.  Additionally, numerous hospitals have provided comments and they feel lack of operational details contained in the interim bill as well as hospitals still struggling with the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency warrants delaying the implementation date. There will be more to come on whether these groups are successful in advocating for revisions to the bill and the implementation date.

H. R. 3173 The Improving Seniors Timely Access to Care Act 2021

Now for review in the House of Representatives Energy & Commerce committee provisions of this bill are:

  • Establish an electronic prior authorization process for Medicare Advantage plans use of prior authorizations.
  • Requires the Secretary of HHS to establish a process for “real-time” decisions, for items and services that are routinely approved.
  • Improves transparency by requiring Medicare Advantage plans to report to CMS on the extent of their use of prior authorizations and the rate of approvals for denials.
  • Requires that plans adopt prior authorizations programs that adhere to evidence-based medical guidelines in consultation with physicians.
  • Prohibits additional prior authorization for medically necessary services performed during a surgical or invasive procedure that already received, or did not initially require, prior authorizations.

The bill has bipartisan support and was introduced by Reps. Suzan Del Bene ( D-WA), Mike Kelly (R-PA), Roger Marshall, MD (R-KS),  Ami Bera, MD (D-CA) and Larry Bucshon, MD (R- IN). Cosponsors of the new bill in Maryland are:  Andy Harris, MD (R)-MD, John P. Sarbanes (D-MD), Jamie Raskin (D-MD), C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD), and David J Trone (D-MD).


As events progress on both bills the Legislative and Advocacy Committee will keep you updated.

Submitted by: Sarah Allinson, MBA, RHIA Chairman Legislative/Advocacy Committee &
Vicki Reynolds, RHIT, CPCO Co-Chairman Legislative/Advocacy Committee

Data Quality Report

Data Quality Report

CMS announced that code changes in FY22 will be done bi-annually on April 1, 2022, and October 1, 2022.  The committee also discussed the code recommendations from the September ICD-10 CM Coordination and Maintenance Meeting.  In September the committee coordinated the ICD-10 Update session for diagnosis and procedure coding.  The committee is working on a CPT update session for the third week of December.  A meeting notice will be coming out in mid-November. The committee is also discussing other educational topics for sessions in 2022.  If you have any recommendations, please submit them to the MdHIMA email. 

The committee discussed the expansion of SDoH codes.  The discussion centered on how to capture SDoH codes, different tools being used, and workflow changes.  The committee agreed that SDoH codes should be captured on each encounter where applicable.  There was some discussion on the coding guideline changes effective October 1, 2021, that are in support of capturing SDoH codes.  The next meeting is on the third Tuesday of November. The new FY 2022 ICD-10-CM Guidelines are available for download here.

Submitted by: Brenda Watson RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CRC, CPMA

Annual Meeting Committee Update

The MdHIMA Annual Meeting Committee (Trish Coffey, Past-President, Tasha Greene, Brian Bennighoff and Norma Stockton, Directors, Linda Metro, Silent Auction Committee, and Linda Williams, Mona Calhoun, Aerian Tatum, Irby Hunter, Allison Felmey, and Tanetta Isler, volunteers) have continued to meet twice monthly to complete planning for the MdHIMA annual meeting scheduled for April 27-28, 2022 at the Maritime Conference Center.  The group has signed the contract with the Maritime and is working through details now by reaching out to vendors and speakers to put together a robust agenda of HIM topics of interest including some focused sessions for students/new professionals.  The meeting will be held as a live event; however, the committee is also working hard to find an AV vendor to support synchronous streaming of our meeting as well as recording sessions so they are available later for those who are unable to attend the meeting.  If anyone is aware of any company that may be interested in exhibiting at the meeting and/or supporting MdHIMA as a sponsor, please reach out to Trish Coffey (  We are looking forward to seeing all of you at this great event!

Submitted by: Tricia Coffey, RHIA, CPHIMS, CPHI

MdHIMA Website Update

Brian Bennighoff and Tricia Coffey are working through updates on the MdHIMA website.  If anyone has any suggestions or would like to volunteer to help, please reach out to Trish Coffey.  If you have any information you would like to provide for consideration to be added to the site or have an interest in helping with this effort, also please contact Trish at

Submitted by: Tricia Coffey, RHIA, CPHIMS, CPHI

Honoring Health Information Management Graduates 

Honoring Health Information Management Graduates 


The Maryland Health Information Management Association (MdHIMA) annually gives special recognition to Health Information Management students who have graduated in the spring or summer with a high “Grade Point Average” and have outstanding professional performance during their time at college or university. The Maryland Health Information Management Program Directors at colleges & universities certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM) programs submitted the name of a student who fit these award requirements. These individuals listed below were honored with this award during the MdHIMA October 29th Quarterly Business Meeting.  We extend our best wishes to these honorees for a successful career!

Graduates Honored Affiliation
Cordelia Ewa
Baltimore Community College
River Schroeder
Community College of Baltimore County
Anthonia Okeke, RHIA
Coppin State University
Stephanie Fuller, RHIT Montgomery College

Submitted by: Brenda Watson RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CRC, CPMA


MdHIMA Bylaws/Policy & Procedures Committee Report

MdHIMA Bylaws/Policy & Procedures Committee Report

The MdHIMA Bylaws and existing procedures are currently under review.  Committee chairs and/or designee(s) have been assigned to review, edit, and provide feedback on the current policies.  After the policies have been approved by the Maryland Board of Directors they will be placed on the MdHIMA Website.  There were several updates to the MdHIMA Bylaws that have been completed, reviewed by AHIMA, and will be ready for a vote for approval from our MdHIMA members during our Annual Meeting in April 2022.  

Submitted by: Dina Smoker, MHA, RHIA, CPC

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