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Take the Next Step in Leadership - Apply for an Elected Volunteer Position with AHIMA

AHIMA is looking for strategic, innovative, dedicated members to be considered for one of our five elected roles in 2023. View the opportunities for the AHIMA President/Chair-elect, Board of Directors, CEE members, CCHIIM Commissioners, and Speaker-elect of the House of Delegates on the AHIMA websiteThe online application will be available in mid-January. Please contact with any questions and to indicate your interest in applying. The application link will be sent to you once it is available.

Update Your AHIMA Profile

If you have already updated your AHIMA profile, we really appreciate it.
If you haven't yet, please visit your member profile now and check that the information there is accurate and complete. You may also notice a few new fields for additional information that have been added since the last time you logged in. Please make sure your entire profile is complete. This information helps us better personalize and customize your member experience.  


Thank you for supporting this year-end initiative to help us deliver the services and resources that can meet your needs.  
AHIMA Membership

Time Sensitive: Renew Your AHIMA Recertification

If your recertification cycle expires at the end of the year and you have not yet met the requirements for renewal, time is running out. Click here to verify your status and complete the recertification process. Avoid an inactive status by visiting your CEU center and submitting the required CEUs with your supporting documentation.

When you purchase a membership prior to or on the recertification expiration date, you are eligible for a recertification discount.
As a reminder, each year a percentage of credential holders are randomly selected for an audit, so be sure to upload all CEU documentation into your CEU Center at the time you report your CEUs. It's a good idea to also keep your documentation for one full year past your certification renewal date.
More information on recertification requirements can be found in this Recertification Guide and on
Renew Today

Free Webinar - Data Accuracy and the Patient Experience

Brought to you by the Haugen Consulting Group

Does your organization struggle with data accuracy? Have you examined what’s causing those repeated errors, or are you spinning your wheels, fixing errors on the back end? This webinar will discuss data accuracy and the importance a proactive approach has on the patient experience. We’ll discuss some common ways errors are created and the negative impact inaccurate data has on patient care, quality, and interoperability. A holistic approach to data accuracy requires consistent training, precise processes, and ongoing evaluation. Taking the time to investigate the root cause upfront can help stop the cycle of countless labor hours on costly reactive fixes. Spend an hour with The Haugen Consulting Group, where we’ll help you invest in the team you have to get the team you want.  Click here for more information on this free webinar

Book Your Hotel Room for the 2022 ILHIMA Annual Conference

April 21-22, 2022

I Hotel
Champaign, IL

Click here for more details.

FY 2022 Updates

On-Demand Webinar

This presentation highlights the FY 2022 key code changes along with ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting.

This presentation is a great learning tool for new HIM professionals and a great brush-up for seasoned professionals.

The presentation tackles the coding changes and coding guidelines by chapter which aligns with ICD-10-CM book. This packs a lot of information in a good format to learn.

Click Here to Read Part 1: ICD-10-CM Codes and Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting
Click Here to Read Part 2: ICD-10-PCS Codes and Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting

2022 CPT Changes –
On-Demand Webinar

This webinar will help you:
  • Recognize the changes CPT for 2022.
  • Understand the rationale behind each change.
  • Apply knowledge learned in day-to-day practice.


Dr. Lisa L Campbell is an expert-level health care professional who began her career in 1992 as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). While working as a CMA, when she was not in the exam room with the provider, she was immersed in the operational side of the Physician’s office and was introduced to one of her many passions, medical coding, health record documentation and revenue cycle management.

After a decade of working in the Physician’s office, she ventured into a director role at Chicago’s major public hospital. While working as a director, she realized that there was a need to help physician practices navigate through the complex maze of regulatory challenges associated with their revenue cycle and from this revelation she established Physician Practice Resources, Inc. in 2002.

Throughout her career, she has gained expertise in Clinical Documentation Improvement, Health Information Management, Health Care Management, Medical Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, Provider and Staff Training and is a Professional Speaker.

Lastly, over the last 29 years, she has earned various certifications through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and is an active member of both organizations.


On-Demand Pricing:
  • ILHIMA Members: $30
  • Non-Members: $30
Group Registrations with 5+ registrants from the same facility will receive 10% off at checkout.


1 CE - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
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