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PHIMA Advocacy e-Alert

March 26, 2021

Inside this Issue:

PA Hill Day Is Coming: 
April 13 – 15

How can I participate?

Identify your state legislators.
Decide if you want to pursue a virtual “face to face” meeting with your legislator or if you want to reach out via email or social media.  The above link will take you to your legislator’s page where their email and social media links are posted.  Many legislator’s websites also include an easy tab to request a meeting with them.
Recommended talking points for your introduction: (from AHIMA’s Professional Enhancement Campaign)
  •  I am a health information professional and member of the PA Health Information Management Association (PHIMA).
  • Health Information is human information and our profession works to protect and secure every patient’s health information.
  • Healthcare and health information is constantly evolving.  It is everywhere; we wear it on our wrists, collect it on our phone, and engage with it in our homes and workplace.
  • Advancements in the healthcare space are driven by a properly managed foundation of health information.
  • Healthcare information is complex, dynamic and ever-changing.  An electronic signifier of identity, its integrity is as essential as a fingerprint or Social Security Number.
  • Because of its uniquely human characteristics, the proper management of health information requires a diverse range of expertise.
  • Health Information Management (HIM) professionals are agile, forward-thinking change agents who protect every patient’s personal health information and work towards tomorrow’s healthcare becoming even more connected, more accurate, more innovative and more extraordinary than ever before.
  • HIM professionals are leaders at the intersection of healthcare, technology and business.
  • We are the voice of health information within healthcare.
Recommended talking points for current, relevant PA issues:
  • SB311:  PA Medical Records Act (reintroduced in March) - This bill would eliminate the current formula for determining the amount to be charged for a third party to obtain medical records, setting a maximum amount of $20.62 for an electronic record.  PHIMA does not support this bill as the basis for introduction of this bill does not factor in many vital considerations of what it takes to assemble and safely release a patient’s complete medical records.
  • The new fee proposal would be grossly under what is currently billed and sustainable and is likely to result in a cost shift of the financial burden on protecting patient privacy from the third-party requester who uses the medical records for commercial interests to the medical provider.
Invite your legislator to contact you or PHIMA for input when healthcare/health information issues come across their desk including:
  • Patient Identity
  • Telehealth
  • Release of Medical Records / 3rd party access to health information
  • Patient Portals
  • Patient Privacy
  • COVID reporting and data analysis
  • Social determinants of health
Include your contact information and PHIMA’s contact information ( 
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