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Have You Met Your AHIMA Recertification Requirements?

If your recertification cycle expires at the end of this year and you have not yet met the requirements for renewal, click here to verify your status and take the necessary steps to complete the recertification process. Avoid an inactive status by visiting your CEU Center and submitting the required CEUs with your supporting documentation. To take advantage of the member discount on recertification fees, you must purchase a membership prior to or on the recertification expiration date. Once the membership is paid, your recertification discount will be applied.
As a reminder, each year a percentage of credential holders are randomly selected for an audit. Individuals selected for audits will be required to submit verifiable documentation (for example, certificates of attendance or similar materials) for each activity listed in their CEU Center.
More information on recertification requirements can be found in this Recertification Guide.

Regulatory Changes Impacting Surprise Billing

Beginning in January, the No Surprises Act requires new protections to be put in place to help ensure consumers better understand the cost of care and avoid surprise medical bills. In this Journal of AHIMA article, learn about interim final rules issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services as part of the No Surprises Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, as well as additional regulations that could be coming in 2022. 

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Advocacy Training Videos Available

Advocacy Training Videos Available

Develop the skills to effectively participate in health information advocacy through our series of explainer videos led by members of the AHIMA policy and government affairs team. Learn why advocacy matters and better understand the regulatory process. In addition, understand how to meet with your elected officials, use social media for advocacy, and increase your involvement in our advocacy efforts at AHIMA. 
Click Here to Watch the Video

Survey: Patient Satisfaction Hinges on Billing Experience

Ninety percent of adults responding to a survey for Cedar said the billing experience is a key factor in deciding whether to return to a health care provider, and 96% said health plan satisfaction hinges on the billing experience. About 90% said they would like to receive information about expected costs, co-pays and insurance coverage; more than 75% indicated willingness to pay out-of-pocket costs before appointments if prices were guaranteed; and 65% would like to see insurance benefits information along with their medical bill. 
Click Here for Full Story: Patient Engagement HIT

Update Your AHIMA Profile

If you have already updated your AHIMA profile, we really appreciate it.
If you haven't yet, please visit your member profile now and check that the information there is accurate and complete. You may also notice a few new fields for additional information that have been added since the last time you logged in. Please make sure your entire profile is complete. This information helps us better personalize and customize your member experience.  


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