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President's Message

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AHIMA Access is the New Engage

AHIMA Access is the New Engage

So, what's Access? Access is an up to date, modern, robust social media platform where members can engage with AHIMA, fellow HI professionals, and other content. You can join communities based on your type of work, professional interests, and much more.  
Here are five key things to know about Access:
  1. Access is the premier place to build your professional network and discover content to help you excel. You can join communities based on your type of work, professional interests, and much more.
  2. Access is designed to feel like the social media platforms you’re accustomed to. Get excited to see curated health information content in your newsfeed!
  3. Access communities will have folders where you can easily share resources and documents.  
  4. You don’t have to be on your computer to take advantage of Access – its mobile-friendly interface looks great on phones and tablets.
  5. On Access, you can follow topics that interest you using your favorite #hashtags. For example, following #PatientID will allow you to see posts with that hashtag.
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OkHIMA Awards

OkHIMA Awards

OkHIMA Annual Awards

We know the past few years have been busy to say the least, but we know several of our members have accomplished some amazing things! Shout out their accomplishments! Let’s recognize and celebrate them!! Please visit our website for the award criteria and to submit your nominations.

The HIM Champion Award recognizes individuals that have advanced the HIM profession by volunteering and demonstrating excellence in mentoring and encouraging students or colleagues to achieve their best.
The Rising Star Award recognizes a promising newcomer to the field, who demonstrates exceptional motivation, capability, and leadership potential with great capacity for significant accomplishments in the field.
The Distinguished Member Award recognizes an individual with a long exceptional history of HIM contributions and is awarded to an outstanding individual in the field. This award replaced the OkHIMA Outstanding Member Award.
For questions about these awards, please contact the OkHIMA Recognition Manager at

OkHIMA PERKs Program

The OkHIMA PERKs Program was developed to reward OkHIMA members for their contributions to the OkHIMA membership, the development of new leaders, and add additional value to volunteerism.  

The collection period is for points earned January 1st – December 31st of each year.  Members must submit points summary by January 31st of following collection year to receive discount certificate. 

Members should keep track of their events and report all of them at one time at the end of the year.

Certificate will expire on Dec 31st of the award year.   
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OkHIMA PERKs Program
  • 40-50 points - 20% discount off an OkHIMA educational offering of member's choice.
  • 51-74 points - 30% discount off an OkHIMA educational offering member's choice.
  •   ≥ 75 points - 50% discount off an OkHIMA educational offering of member's choice.

FREE CEU Webinar Hosted by the SWOSU HIM Program

FREE CEU Webinar Hosted by the SWOSU HIM Program
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Subscribe Today to the Electronic Legal Manual

Subscribe Today to the Electronic Legal Manual
OkHIMA offers an online, electronic subscription for the legal manual, "Oklahoma Health Information and the Law"!

ONLINE: There when you need it, wherever you need it.
CURRENT: As legislation changes, your manual changes.
FRIENDLY: Search keywords, target the information you need.

$169 (member)
$199 (non-member)
Click here to Purchase your legal manual today!

For more information, contact the Advocacy Team.
Contact the OkHIMA Executive Board

Contact the OkHIMA Executive Board

President - Lisa Hunter, RHIT, CHPS
President-Elect - Jana Davis, RHIA
Past President - Julie Hoisington, MLS, RHIT, CCS
Communication Director – Ashley Griffin, MS, RHIA
Advocacy Director – Melissa Couch, MBA, RHIA
Recruitment and Retention Director – Amy Maynard, MS, RHIA
Education Director - Tressa Lyon, RHIT
Finance Director - Dana Lloyd, MS, RHIA, CTR, CHDA
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