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January 15, 2021

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PHIMA Advocacy/Legislative Update

  • Information Blocking Final Rule Resource
  • AHIMA Advocacy Initiatives – Naming Policy Pledge and Patient Identification

Information Blocking Final Rule

JAHIMA published the article, “Game Planning the Information Blocking Final Rule” which includes essential links, timelines, considerations and a USCDI v1 table (U.S. Core Date for Interoperability).   

Click here to read more

Advocacy in 2021

If your New Year’s goals included supporting AHIMA initiatives, you can begin today, and it will only take a few minutes. Back on “Patient ID Day” in December 2020, approximately 300 actions were taken by AHIMA members which resulted in reaching senators asking them to support a repeal of the ban that stifles innovation surrounding Patient Identification.

Below is a current link to AHIMA where, in 5 minutes, you can sign the Patient Naming Policy Pledge and reach out to your senator regarding repealing the ban on innovation to promote proper Patient Identification. With the information blocking deadlines coming and the advent of API’s for sharing of health information, I cannot think of a more critical time to take action on advancing proper patient identification. The time to act is now!
Act Now!
At this link, you will also find a resource that includes specific examples of “The Impact of Patient Misidentification.”  I have included an excerpt below:


A woman received a routine mammogram. She returned to her provider office for her annual physical the following year and mentioned she never received her mammogram results from the prior year. She expressed relief that nothing was found. Unfortunately, her results were misfiled in the chart of a deceased patient of the same name. When the woman received her results, they showed cancer that had become terminal after the one-year delay.
As HIM professionals, we have not only the opportunity, but also the responsibility and obligation to promote policy that advances accurate Patient Identification.
View the “Patient Identification and Naming Policy Pledge” here

Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: MRO

This week, PHIMA is proud to spotlight MRO, PHIMA 2020 Silver Corporate Sponsor: 
  1. Tell us a little bit about your company. How long have you been in business? 

    Headquartered just minutes from historic Valley Forge National Park in southeast Pennsylvania, MRO is a leader in the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of PHI. As the industry evolves, we strive to transform the way health information is exchanged through unparalleled service and innovation. Since 2002, MRO has been committed to working with leading healthcare and technology firms to develop PHI disclosure and exchange solutions that meet the needs of our clients. 
  2. What does your company offer to Health Information Professionals?

    MRO empowers healthcare organizations with proven, enterprise-wide solutions for the secure, compliant and efficient exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI). MRO’s technology drive quality workflow includes patented automation tools with robotic processing automation (RPA), intelligent guidance for users, a multi-layered QC program, award-winning customer service and scalable solutions all contribute to exceeding clients’ expectations.
  3. What sets your company apart from your competitors?

    MRO has been the KLAS-rated No. 1 provider of release of information (ROI) solutions since 2013. Our clients recognize they need a disclosure management partner that delivers on their reputation and brings an advanced level of service and scalability to the relationship. Advanced technology enabled services, supported by multi-step-quality controls, allow MRO to drive results that are accurate, efficient, and address our clients’ ever-changing needs.
For more information on MRO, visit the PHIMA website
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