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Issue 61 – Fall 2018

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President's Message

PresidentMdHIMA Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs, Co-chairs, and Committee Members have been busy planning and facilitating many wonderful events for our members and finding ways to move our association forward. Many of these events are featured in this Newsletter from QBMs, Advocacy, and Data Quality/CDI etc. You should be receiving email announcements about these events.  If not, please check your spam folder or visit for further information.

The 2018 AHIMA Leadership Symposium on July 13th and July 14th in Chicago was attended by the CSA Presidents, Presidents-elect, Treasurers and Delegates. This two-day event engaged AHIMA and CSA leaders in developing a strategic direction, envisioning the future, and providing leadership in the evolving HIM profession. Please be sure to read the Delegates report from the 2018 AHIMA Leadership Symposium in this Newsletter. 

I am pleased to announce that with the leadership of Jenny Utz, Bylaw Committee Chair and the Executive Board, MdHIMA has completed the review and finalization of MdHIMA Bylaws, which will be presented for approval at our annual meeting next year. In order to protect MdHIMA volunteers from phishing scams, MdHIMA now has its own email address, phone line and social media presences on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This provides our members with a central communication point to MdHIMA Executive Board Members and Committees. Please visit for more details.  

Throughout the year, MdHIMA solicits for volunteers who are interest in serving on various committees. The committees work on HIM related issues that impact our members. We are currently soliciting for Social Media Committee Members to assist us in managing and promoting MdHIMA’s presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you enjoy social media and are interested in helping to promote MdHIMA, please send you information to

Description of Role and Responsibilities:   
  • Participate in conference calls and work with committee members.  
  • Promote the membership value and the MdHIMA brand via social media channels.  
  • Interact with members via social media channels including posting content, responding to posts, monitoring, and generating followers at continuing education events.   
If you have not taken advantage of volunteer opportunities in the past, I urge you to consider submitting your name for inclusion into our pool of MdHIMA volunteers. The diversity of perspectives that members bring helps the association meet its mission and remain current with emerging healthcare and legislative/regulatory initiatives at both the local and national levels.  

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to our current Executive Board, Committee Chairs Co-chairs and Committee members for the time they contribute to MdHIMA. Volunteers provide an exceptional service to the association. They commit their time, creative energies, and reflective analytical skills to address issues of concern of HIM professionals. 
Thank you! 
MdHIMA President/Chair, 2018 – 2019 
"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Legislative/Advocacy Committee

The MdHIMA Legislative/Advocacy Committee has been meeting weekly. Topics under discussion include the 2018/2019 initiatives of telehealth and offshoring, as well as a career fair and increasing HIM/MdHIMA brand recognition.

  • Telehealth
    • Committee members have been participating in the Maryland Health Care Commission’s (MHCC’s) School-Based Telehealth Workgroup meetings.
    • So far the group has discussed the role and value of telehealth funding, the grant/start-up process, and the barriers to implementing telehealth solutions in the school system (funding, state and local policies and regulations, Medicaid telehealth regulations).
  • Offshoring
    • We are in the research & fact-finding stage.We are looking for real-world examples of how offshoring has impacted health care organizations and HIM professionals in Maryland and have reached out to AHIMA regarding any information or research they have done on this topic.
  • HIM Career & Networking Fair
    • So far, have a tentative date of April 2019 at Prince George (PG) Community College in Largo, MD. Discussion is ongoing to narrow down details including sponsors, invitees, and speakers.
  • Advocacy Day 2019
    • The committee has reviewed what worked and didn’t work as well in 2018.
    • We are developing a draft HIM/MdHIMA ‘fact sheet’ that includes a description of what MdHIMA is and why we are a valuable resource (e.g. subject matter expert in HIM, health informatics, information governance, and data analytics).
    • We are also working on summarizing the goals and outlining the general plan for Advocacy Day.
  • Supporting HIM Students
    • The committee has discussed how we can better support HIM students in the state of Maryland, including whether we might be able to assist with resources such as low-cost exam preparation tools or a training workshop.Students are often “on their own” after graduation and lack the industry contacts and resources needed to ensure successful testing.
Submitted by: Jennifer Morris, CIP

Quarterly Business Meeting

MDHIMA Quarterly Business Meeting!
The Maryland Health Information Management Association would like to announce that their next Quarterly Business Meeting is scheduled for October 26th, 2018, 8 am to 3:30 pm at the Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, 1708 W. Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209. Registration will be available October 4th at the website. We hope you will attend to learn more regarding the current topics and issues in the HIM profession!

Nominating Committee News

The members of the Nominating Committee recruit a slate of candidates for positions on the MDHIMA Executive Board and AHIMA’s Nominating Committee.  This is not an easy task.  They must find qualified candidates willing to make a commitment as volunteers to lead and serve.

All members are encouraged to Take the Challenge!! If you feel you meet the qualification to nominate yourself, or if you know someone who you think meets the qualifications please nominate them and encourage them to Take the Challenge!!

The 2018-2019 Nominating Committee is in the process of reviewing the current timeline and all MDHIMA Executive Board positions that will be vacant next year. Notifications will be sent to MDHIMA members when the Call for Nomination Opens.

ALL MDHIMA Members Please
  • Review the roles and responsibilities of the MDHIMA Executive Board and AHIMA Nominating Committee (see the following link):
  • Complete an AHIMA Volunteer Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment according to AHIMA this tool outlines the core competencies needed for AHIMA volunteer leadership positions and specifies additional competencies for leadership roles. It is a useful tool for professional development and when considering your qualifications for leadership positions and for tracking your professional development.
  • Review the Timeline for the nominating Committee
  • Get Ready! Take the Challenge consider making a commitment to the Future of MDHIMA. There is so much to do in in our State and we need leaders to volunteer and serve! We need you!
Submitted by: Tasha Green, MS, RHIA, CHTS-TR, FAHIMA

Membership Committee Update

MdHIMA WELCOMES the following New Members
Benin Dakar
Kathy Ozdinec
Janet Farina
Mari Anne Smith
Elizabeth Eberhart
Angela Amoako
Eric Safo
Gracelyn Grant
Maurice Thomas
Wala Ali
Corinthia Williams
Nkiruka Nwakakwa
Aubrey Davis
Ellan Beard
Jamie Hughes
Calvin Orr
Sule Nyoka
Frank Hobenu
Philip Stevens
Gunes Koru
Imoh Akpan
Pomona Toatley
Connie Meyers
Sandra Brady
Kathryn Goddard
Lori Amonett-Wilson
Cortney Fisher
Mfon Usiere
Thank you for Joining MdHIMA!
MdHIMA WELCOMES 16 New Student Professionals
Dara Pickett
Joe Dean Crawford
Juliette Nwagbara
Ketty Taboada
Maria Teresa Garcia
Kimany Walker
Maria Moore
Rochelle Rhone
Karen Mcintyre
Erika Richardson
Bih Angwafo
Megan Guarnieri
Brandi Drury
Allison Felmey

Delegates Report

2018 CSA Leadership Symposium
Chicago, IL

Friday, July 13 &
Saturday, July 14, 2018

"Inspiring Leadership, Influencing Change"

AHIMA sponsored the annual CSA Leadership Symposium July 13 – 14 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago.  MdHIMA was represented by President, Godwin Okafor, President-Elect, Linda Williams, Treasurer, Pam Carter and Delegate, Mona Calhoun. 

The first day started with a general session lead by author J. Bryan Bennett, MBA, CPA, LSSGB.  "Impacting Leadership in Healthcare" Some of the key take a ways is leadership is not a skill to be learned but a process to be refined, leadership can be improved through regular reflection and coaching, innate and learned leadership qualities include, humility, empathy, vision and risk-taking and the process includes assessing, visioning, living, reflecting, coaching/mentoring (its cyclical and continuous improvement.). Subsequent session was entitled "HIM and Healthcare's Future from the Partnership Perspective" these facilitators, Anupam Goel, MD; Todd Nelson, MBA,FHFMA and Anny Yuen, RHIA,CDIP,CCS, CCDS objectives were to ensure the leaders can identify driving forces in the ever-evolving HIM profession and the healthcare landscape. "Fitting all the Pieces Together-Who is CAHIIM,CCHIIM, and the CEE and Why CSAs should care". Four panelist: Charlotte Barrrett, MBA, RHIA, FACHE; (CAHIIM Chair); Carolyn Doyle, MSHI, RHIA, CHPS (CAHIIM Chair); Neisa Jenkins, EdD, RHIA (CEE Chair); and Ryan Johns, RHIA, CHPS (MNHIMA President objectives were to reiterate to audience, who AHIMA’S key primary affiliates are: CEE, CAHIIM, CCHIIM and how CSA provide support and inspire students to succeed in matriculation and work field, respectively
  • Council for Excellence in Education (CEE) is the leading force in education strategy for health information professions and guiding the academic community and industry stakeholders through innovation in academic programs, curricula and resources .
  • Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Health Information Management (CAHIIM) accredits associate and baccalaureate degree programs in health information management, and masters’ degree programs in the health informatics and health information management professions in the US and Puerto Rico
  • (CAHIIM)’s mission is to serve the public by establishing and enforcing standards for Health Informatics and HIIM education programs; recognizing through accreditation programs that meet the standards; and assessing learning outcomes.
  • Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM)serves the public by establishing, implementing, and enforcing standards and procedures for certification and recertification of HIM professionals.
    • CCHIIM is dedicated to ensuring HIIM-practicing professions are subject to standards of competency.
    • CCHIIM reviews continuing education opportunities to ensure they meet the needs of the field. provides strategic oversight of all AHIMA certification programs.
  • CSA holds education sessions during quarterly business meetings and annual convention
    • promote mentorship programs on national and state levels.
    • encourage relationships with schools.
    • provide stipends to schools to support the future of the HIM profession.
    • establish scholarship funds to students, who meet certain criteria.
"AHIMA 2018 Highlights" presented by Diann H. Smith, MS, RHIA, CHP, FAHIMA, AHIMA Board President/Chair and Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Ph.D., CAE, AHIMA CEO highlighted some of the new initiatives AHIMA has been working on in the past six months. This include.
  • Developing 2019 Strategic Plan
  • Meetings with AHIMA Leaders & Project Team
  • Finalizing 2019 Strategic Plan & Align Budget
AHIMA and CSA members agreed that AHIMA’s Business Lifecycle is in decline and needs to move towards innovations by embracing the possibilities and Prepare HIM Professionals for the Future in Information Governance, Informatics and Data Analytics.
Submitted by:
Godwin I. Okafor, MSHI, RHIA, FAC-P/PM
Linda Williams, MS, RHIA
Pamela Carter, RHIT
Mona Calhoun, M.ED, MS, RHIA, FAHIMA

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