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The AHIMA Foundation Scholarship Program Is Open Through September 30th

Apply Online Today!

The AHIMA Foundation Scholarship Program will accept applications through September 30th for its flagship program that provides financial assistance to aspiring and current health informational professionals.  

“The AHIMA Foundation supports the education and advancement of health information professionals who play a key role in delivering vital services that impact the healthcare journey,” said Anisa Tootla, executive director. “Our scholarship recipients have made significant contributions to help people live healthier lives. The AHIMA Foundation is proud to be a part of that success.”

Applicants are encouraged to apply for one of three opportunities for financial support including the Merit Scholarship, the Veterans Scholarship and the Dissertation Support Scholarship.

"I truly appreciate the educational support and opportunities that the Foundation brings for continuing and aspiring HIM professionals,” said Hayley Ho, a 2019 AHIMA Foundation Merit Scholarship recipient. Hayley is now a population health quality analyst with MultiCare Health System. 

“These scholarships fuel the passion of us entering the field and give us the opportunity to prosper within it,” said Maegen Myers, a 2019 AHIMA Foundation Merit Scholarship recipient. Myers is now a production systems analyst with Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services. “This program helped me to continue my hard work and to [be] an inspiration for others to do the same within the healthcare industry.”

With the generous support of donors, the AHIMA Foundation provides financial assistance to current and emerging leaders in the healthcare field who are pursuing degrees in health information. For additional information, eligibility and requirements, please visit the AHIMA Foundation and apply online before September 30, 2020. 
Founded in 1962 and established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 1997, the AHIMA Foundation is dedicated to an awareness of the needs of public health, recognizing that health information is human information. The AHIMA Foundation provides information to guide personal health decisions, research to develop healthcare system policies and continuous training to equip aspiring and current health information students and professionals.
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