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Call for Corona Donation

- In this hour of Need -


Thank you for the Donations we received so far!

Still more is needed to
keep Open Sky House going.

Your Donation is vital
for our Survival of Coronavirus

Since 15 years our community of 20 people offers an Energy field of Consciousness, Love and Creativity which everybody can join and benefit from in many ways.

Our Guesthouse, Seminar House and Wellness Center has been our financial support. The Community residents have been running these three businesses.

Since the middle of March our income dropped to zero. As all business meetings have been cancelled and people stay at home. We didn't get bookings and our guestrooms are empty, seminars have been cancelled.

We are facing the situation that we can't pay our rent and other bills. All the Community residents are busy applying for outside jobs, but still there will be a gap before we can make a new income. 

Thank you very much for the many Donations
we already received!

Still we need 5.000€

Let your Heart take Action

We are reaching out to everybody who values the existence of such an energy field, which has existed for 15 years and is only possible through many years of Enormous Contribution and Selfless Service of Hundreds of People.
Therefore we are reaching out to everybody who got a benefit or is touched by the Open Sky House, through their time in the house, retreats, books, films, Online Satsang or Mantra music.

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