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Coming Back Home

John David

Whitsun Retreat

7 - 10 June

Open Sky House Hitdorf

Many people longing for arriving at a place like Home. You will not find this place on the outside. You arrive when you are reconnected to your inner Stillness, Peace and Love.

We like to warmly invite you to this four day retreat with John David which offers you a glimpse of what it means Coming Back Home. The Beauty and the Loving Energy Field of the Open Sky house support you on your inner journey.

The wonderful old mansion directly on the banks of the Rhine offers a beautiful courtyard with fountain and a big garden to relax and become quiet. The location of Open Sky House on the banks of the Rhine invites you during the breaks to take the ferry-boat across the river and to have beautiful walks. 

Retreat Costs

  350 € 
  275 €* 
  245 €
Cost includes all Meetings, accommodation in comfortable shared rooms for three nights and meals. Single and double rooms are available for an extra cost. 
*Concession price is given to all people who have financial difficulties to pay the full amount. 
A Scholarship fund to pay part of the cost could also be available.

Arrival: Friday from 5pm
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What you can expect

  • Meetings with John David
  • Talks where you can ask your questions

  • Yoga, Meditation, Mantra singing
  • Fall into silence and allow your heart to open

  • Beautiful nature on the banks of the river Rhein
  • Take the ferry across the river and have a beautiful walk

  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Like-minded people creating a supportive energy field

    Conversational silence is recommended during the whole retreat

Upcoming Retreats

20 Jul - 4 Aug 
Tripillya Summer Retreat
16 Aug - 1 Sep
Denia Summer Retreat

More Information

Contact Radha

Phone +49 2173 40 99 204
Mobile  +49 174 4646 799

Open Sky House Hitdorf
Rheinstr. 54, 51371 Hitdorf, Germany

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