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"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back,
and choose the path that leads to wisdom."

- Buddha

This journey begins with silence. For the next two days, you will engage in a silent retreat. 
This means no talking, no phones, and no distractions. By eliminating external stimuli, you can be able to focus your attention inward and explore the sensations of your body, the fluctuations of your mind and emotion, and the nature of your heart. With the support of John David and the energy of the Open Sky House Community, you will go deeply into the practice. Based on the teachings of the Buddha, Vipassana aims to develop insight into the nature of reality and liberate oneself from suffering.

By observing the impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self of all experiences,  equanimity and wisdom can naturally develop.


We made a short film showing the first moment after 48h of meditation

What is unique about the Vipassana Island Weekend?

Vipassana Island Meditation is a shortened and intensified way of a classic Vipassana Course. It is a unique experience where you spend the whole weekend with Yourself sitting in Silence supported by the Energy Field of the group and John David's students. 

The Island consists of a chair, meditation cushion, a back jack, mattress and blankets. A loving helper team will bring you food and take 48 hours care of your needs.
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Guidance by John David

John David's approach to meditation is grounded in the understanding that true spiritual awakening is not just about experiencing temporary states of bliss, but rather about cultivating a deep and lasting transformation in one's consciousness. He offers a variety of teachings and practices that are designed to help individuals move beyond their habitual thought patterns and connect with the deeper aspects of their being.

Reconnect with the Silence, Peace and Love within

This weekend is not an escape from reality, but rather an immersion into it. You will face the challenges of the present moment, the discomfort of physical and mental pain, and the habitual patterns of your mind. However, by meeting these obstacles with courage, compassion, and curiosity, you can discover your inner strength and resilience.

Suitable for Everyone 

The Vipassana Meditation Island is open for everyone with a wish to understand the workings of the mind, an Openness for a Shift in Perception, and if you are ready for a possible Life Transformation. 

If you have any questions or want more information please contact Indira.

Arrival: Friday afternoon
Start:    Friday 7pm, Silent Dinner
End:     Sunday 7pm (who wants, can stay for dinner)

Prices Hitdorf, Germany:
230€ incl. acc. and food
195€ concession
165€ Students under 27
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May this weekend be a transformative experience for you,
a stepping stone to a life of clarity, compassion, and freedom!

We look forward to seeing you at Open Sky House 
for any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with Indira:
Phone: +49 2173 4099203
Mobile and Whatsapp: 
+49 178 2890814

Open Sky House

Rheinstraße 54
51371 Hitdorf - Germany


It was an amazing experience. I wished I would have dared to do it already before. I had a lot of fear what I would meet or that I would be mainly bored, but it was one of the best weekends of my life!
- Tanja
In the beginning, I felt bored. But Somehow I could turn it into inner peace throughout the weekend. When we were to open our eyes again after being blind for 2 days, tears of happiness were flowing down my face. I was so touched by the beauty of life. A deep Ease spread over my whole body.     - Leslie
I had phases of many thoughts and phases of very deep silence. I could see clearly the core thoughts which build the foundation of many of my structures. This was very insightful. At the end there was only silence and gratefulness.
- Jo
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Meet John David

John David is a spiritual teacher who offers a unique and transformative approach to Self-Realization. His teachings are infused with a contagious enthusiasm that can ignite the spark of Self-Discovery within you.
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