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”If we don't defend
anything anymore,
we are just love!”

In this retreat you can find some ‘time-out’ from your habitual environment and join us in a beautiful, wild summer nature. In the daily Satsangs with John David you can come deeply into resonance with the source of your being and discover a very profound degree of relaxation and love.

The energy field of the whole retreat group, the mixture of eastern and western Europeans, supports you to settle down in the feeling of coming home and enjoy love and lightness in yourself and with others.

In this retreat you

  • Relax and gain a greater stress tolerance
  • Clarify your mind and connect to your heart
  • Recharge and regain your inner power
  • Get effective guidance to true happiness

Summer Retreat in Tripillya
18 July - 2 August

The Open Sky House Retreat Center Trypillia is located directly on the banks of a large inlet of the great Dnieper River, one hour from Kiew. The beauty of this still pristine nature supports you to relax deeply and focus on the essence.
An ideal place to spend time on your own. You can swim and take relaxing walks. Ideally to withdraw from the demands of your daily life-style and reconnect with your inherent stillness, peace, love and creativity.

What people say about this retreat:

An extraordinary location for a retreat. Breathtaking pristine nature which helped me to become quiet. The mixture of eastern and western cultures very refreshing and heart opening. (Lea)

My heart opened and I got more sensible about what is happening underneath the surface - a vast sense of peace. John David has the ability to pick you up right where you are and helps to bring everything into a field of okayness, so that the space of paece and love are more present. (Vladimir)

Daily Program:

  • Morning: Yoga and Meditation
  • After breakfast: Mantra singing with live music. 
  • Satsang with John David
  • Afternoon: free time for recreation
  • Evening: Satsang with John David, Film evening, Theater or other Activities

Tantra weekend 25 - 26 July

Tantra means to celebrate your sensuality and naturalness. An accepting and loving space allows you to explore true intimacy. It opens your heart and is a way to meet unconditional love which is your essence.

Feedback from participants:

The most magnificient moment of this weekend was when I felt completely intimate with myself. A space of love opened and tears were running from being touched. (Apsara)

Everything was invited in this field of mindfulness and love. I was able to open up and show myself with everything that is inside of me - a wonderful, liberating experience. (Govinda)

Retreat Costs 

(incl. food and accommodation in dormitory)
910 € whole retreat
795 € Sangha members / concession
490 € 1 week
200 € Tantra weekend
150 € 1 weekend

Scholarships available. Private rooms available for extra cost by prebooking. It is also possible to book only a weekend or a week of this retreat.
Cheap flights to Kiev with UIA and wizzair possible.

Open Satsangs in Kiev
with John David


Thu 16 and Fri 17 July, 19.30


Tarasa Shevchenka Ln, 13/21V, Kiev, Ukraine

Satsang with John David offers the chance to simply become quiet. With lightness and humour, John David guides you to become really present, here and now. 
Contribution per evening: 200 UAH

Open Sky House Tripillya


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