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John David

Easter Retreat

Open Sky House Hitdorf near Cologne
Thu 18  –  Mon 22 April

We’d like to warmly invite you to join John David at his upcoming Easter Retreat from 18th to 22nd April.

In the daily Satsangs John David brings you into the present moment. Being in the moment your mind become strong and clear and is no longer so easily lulled by stories of the future, fantasies or the past. You feel nourished, your heart opens up and you can just enjoy the flow of life.

Yoga and Meditation, Mantra singing with live music accompany the daily Meetings with John David. Gathering around a communal table we share meals in a quiet and beautiful way.

The location of Open Sky House directly on the banks of the Rhine invites you during the breaks to take the ferry-boat across the river and to have beautiful walks in the spring nature.

During the retreat conversational Silence is encouraged.
Retreat Costs
  450 €
  375 €*
  320 €
Cost includes all Meetings, dormitory accommodation for four nights and meals. Single and double rooms are available for an extra cost. 

*Concession price is given to all people who have financial difficulties to pay the full amount. 

A Scholarship fund to pay part of the cost could also be available.

Arrival: Thursday 5pm

Scholarship Fund

There is a scholarship fund available for those who need help with financial difficulties, and if you require this support please write to us and tell us your situation. 
In the spirit of compassion you are also welcome to donate to this scholarship fund, supporting seekers on their journey. 
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Individual Session with John David  

We are often so caught up in our daily dramas and in the story of our lives, that we lose contact to our essence, to the simple wonder of our being. An individual session with John David is a deep meeting in the present moment. It is a chance to become quiet and to come in touch inside you with what never changes - your true Self.

You are welcome to meet John David either in this quiet, reflective space, or to dialogue and shine light on a particular situation or issue in your life.

Meetings in person are possible in Open Sky House Hitdorf or by Skype. For booking please contact, 1 hour 90€.

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Contact Radha

Phone +49 2173 40 99 204
Mobile  +49 174 4646 799

Open Sky House Hitdorf
Rheinstr. 54, 51371 Hitdorf, Germany

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